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Performing for Kelly

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For the six months before my fiancee moved to town, I was subletting a room in a small two-bedroom apartment near my new job from Kelly, a girl I found in the newspaper. I hadn't even met Kelly until I moved in, although she had told me on the phone that she was a runner, so I was totally unprepared to find myself living in close proximity to a shapely, tall, dirty-blonde marathon runner who showed off her lean, sexy legs and muscular ass in tight, thin spandex whenever she dressed for her after-work runs.

I was so turned on all the time I was home, I honestly don't think she intended to arouse me by stretching in front of me, it was just a matter of course, but comfort was still hundreds of miles away, and I ended up masturbating to Kelly every morning before work and every afternoon when she left for her runs. I always crept downstairs to the basement of the two-bedroom townhouse to jack off in the morning, because I didn't want her to hear me shaking my bedsprings, but in the afternoons, I knew I had an hour or so to myself, so I took my time in my own bedroom, just imagining Kelly's taut body bending over in front of me. Wow!

I guess I knew I'd eventually get discovered, it wasn't a big enough place and I started getting more daring. One afternoon, I switched up my routine. Kelly left for a run and I decided to put a load of laundry on before I went upstairs to relieve my cock, already swollen with anticipation. I was wearing very thin, satin-like soccer shorts and boxers and, having long been a fan of minor exhibitionism and a big enthusiast since my teen years for the feeling of soccer shorts against my naked, hard cock, I decided to strip out of my boxers and put them in the wash and pull my shorts back up, freeballing.

There was no hiding my erection now. I could clearly see the ridge of my cockhead through the shorts, all six inches of me were sticking virtually straight out and I felt precum flowing out of my head, just the sight of me turned me on. I wasn't going to make it upstairs to relieve myself, because every step I took made me tremble with arousal, but I decided I'd unlock the seldom-used basement door and walk quickly over to the edge of the patio, just for the fantasy value of imagining that the girls next door might see my state, I needed to cum so badly and I was just out of control!

I stepped outside and the pressure building was unbelievable. I turned and walked right back inside, intending to plant myself on the old couch near the washing machine and take care of business when I ran into Kelly. The noise from the washing machine had concealed her footsteps coming down the stairs and there she was, hands on her hips. 'What are you doing?' she demanded.

I didn't even know where to begin, there was no alibi I could give, I was so hard that one leg of my shorts was hiked up to the point where my balls were hanging out. I started stammering, trying to apologize. 'I-I'm sorry,' I protested, 'I just...' 'I can't believe you're walking around like this,' she exclaimed. 'What if somebody saw you?'

'I didn't think anybody was home,' I explained. For all my embarrassment, my little man wasn't doing me any favors. I was still throbbing hard with a tiny bead of precome drooling down the inside of my shorts. 'I'm so sorry,' I offered again. Kelly seemed really pissed when she first saw me, but I noticed that she was still looking at me, glancing quickly at my cock and balls and then away. When she was irritated with me over other things, dishes in the sink and what not, she usually stormed out of the room. I started to consider a more tantalizing option ...

'It's just so hard being away from Sarah,' I told her. 'I just was planning to go upstairs and take care of things.' That was not the explanation she had been expecting, she was a 'good girl', or at least she pretended she was when she wasn't walking around with just a thin filament of spandex between me and that incredible ass, and I had never mentioned anything sexual in the months we had lived together. We had never even talked about sex at all. I was trying to avoid the temptation of getting into it with her and ending up cheating on Sarah...but I was so far gone I didn't care as long as I could come.

'Well,' she said. 'I think we should talk about this afterwards...'

Afterwards? 'You mean,' I asked, 'You're okay with what I was about to do?' 'I mean,' she replied, 'You might as well go ahead and do it and we'll talk later about whether I'm okay with it. I'm not trying to deny you, I'm just a little freaked out that you're here in the basement and walking around outside like this.'

I was almost shaking, suddenly my oft-replayed fantasy of showing Kelly my cock and masturbating in front of her (it didn't seem like that would really be infidelity, somehow) was almost a reality...I decided to go for it...'Do you want to see me do it?' I asked.

Kelly's face clouded over for a second and then, for the first time, she smiled. 'Sure,' she said. 'Go right ahead.'

I sat down on the couch across from the washing machine and slowly pulled down my shorts until my cock flopped up, there I was, t-shirt and running shoes and bare-ass naked on the coarse old couch with my dick in an obscene, swollen purple arc pointing right out at Kelly. She smiled at me, encouraging me. I was so slick with my own juices already, and I spread them around my shaft and knob and started to stroke downward with two fingers and my thumb in a loose grip, pausing at the bottom of the motion with my cock in plain view.

Nothing mattered any more, I shut my eyes and I picked up the pace, faster, holding myself tighter, faster still and then I opened my eyes and said, 'I'm about to come!'

Kelly just nodded, still smiling, and I erupted, spraying my seed out in between us both onto the cold tile floor in three long shots. 'Ohhhhh,' I moaned. She was just watching me, fixated, and I was shooting for her, performing for her, it felt so good knowing she was watching me milk myself dry! My cum splattered down onto the floor in pearly puddles and a few extra gobs dribbled out onto my fingers and I collapsed back into the couch and sighed ... and suddenly a wave of shame and guilt rushed over me so violently that I shivered from the chill.

But Kelly grabbed a paper towel and walked over to me and wiped my head and fingers off and then knelt down and wiped the floor and said, 'This will be an interesting new chapter in our friendship, won't it?'

It was indeed, and I will share more soon...



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