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I have been masturbating for about 13 years, most times just before going to sleep, sometimes at friends houses when skin flicks were on late at night. But a couple years back I decided to get on an internet chat program and try it out. At first it was just cybersex, which was a lot of fun, but then someone asked me if I had a web cam. I didn't really know what that was, but I figured it out pretty quick. I bought one and brought it home, intending to just chat, but that didn't last long. It didn't take long before I was not only having cybersex, but showing my penis off for the girl I was talking to. I kind of got hooked on performing, sometimes jacking off for an hour if I had a girl watching, and she usually didn't even get undressed!

Well one night I was lucky enough to get two girls having a sleep over to talk to me, and of course the conversation got dirty. I was 17 at the time, they both said they were 19 or 20, I forget but they looked older than me. Anyway I talked them into showing off if I would for them, although I had every intention of showing off anyway. They both showed me there boobs quickly so I took off my pants and gave them a good look at my not yet hard penis and butt. It had never occurred to me that I was anything but average until I started performing, but people kept telling me I was big (yes I sometime would lets guys watch). So they started about how big I was, which only got me harder. I started to play with it for them, and took my shirt off. I finally got them to take their tops off and keep them off, at which point I was about ready to do anything they asked.

At first I just used some lube and stroked it slowly for them, and taking some direction, playing with my nipples and balls when they asked, but nothing out of the ordinary. I could go on like that for a while but I wanted to get a little more out of them so I asked them to take their shorts off. Only one girl agreed, and she had a thong on, which I love so I told them I was willing to do virtually anything they asked! I could see them talking for a minute then the message came back asking me to try to suck myself. I tried but was only able to lick the tip (which felt great, I was still a virgin at this time). They loved that and now they were both down to their panties for me.

By now I didn't care if they were fully clothed in parkas, I was enjoying myself. They both looked to be enjoying it too, telling me what to do or what I was doing, and I didn't care. After a few more unsuccessful attempts to lick myself one of them typed in for me to finger my ass. I had never really done anything like that, just some surface rubbing, but I see chicks in porn do it so I figured why not. I lubed up and slowly slide a finger in my ass. It felt ok at first, but as I got hotter it felt better and I was able to slide in and out. I kept an eye on my screen to get their reaction, which was hot, they were now transfixed on their screen watching me, which turned me on even more! Then to my surprise they asked for something else. The girl typing asked me to get a banana. I guessed what for, so I threw on my sweats and ran up to get one. I came back and asked what they wanted me to do with it, they said use it like a dildo. It took me a good ten minutes to warm up and relax enough, which they later enjoyed directing, then I added more lube and slowly started to press the banana into my butt. I was lying on my back still, hard as a rock and reeling over how kinky this was, up to now it had been pretty much straight jacking off. Then they asked me to turn over like doggy style, and I feel I gave them a pretty good show! I turned back over to cum and pushed out a huge load. I'm not much of a shooter but I did as I pulled the banana out, it was one of the best orgasms I've had.

It's been about four months that I've shown off after at least a couple nights a week for several years and I can't wait to get back to it. I've developed a couple of fantasies from it. One is to jack off on web cam for a girl I actually know, but doesn't know it's me, and the other is to perform live for several girls. Some of you may have even seen me!



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