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I used to sing in a choral group in my college town, and in the group was a guy who was prominent in the classical music field. He was very interesting and entertaining, and really appreciated and understood music, so I enjoyed talking with him. One night he invited me over to his house for dinner, and I was happy to go, and looked forward to a nice evening listening to and talking about music. Well, certainly dinner went that way, and I enjoyed it a great deal. After dinner we went into his living room, where he had an awesome sound system, and he played some of the music we'd been discussing.
The mood began to change, and he seemed to be staring at me strangely, and suddenly, it occurred to me that he might be gay, and was expecting something from me! I was confused and embarrassed-I'm straight and had no desire to have sex with him. A while passed, and he broke the ice, saying 'Do you know that I'm gay?' I said, 'No, I didn't but I was beginning to think so.' He said, 'Well I am, and I thought you might be persuaded, but I can see that you're not. It's disappointing, really, because you're very appealing to me.'
We got into a discussion about our feelings, gay and straight, sexual and other, and he told me how much I turned him on, and started talking about how he could see the bulge in my pants, and for him that was like a woman with breasts and nipples showing through a blouse-a real turn-on. Gradually, as he talked more, I became aroused-I had to admit that all his sexual attention was a turn-on. He asked if he could go down on me, and I refused, but I remained confused-by now I had a real hard-on that I really wanted to satisfy.
So, much to my surprise, I said, 'Ok, you just stay over there,' and I stripped off my pants, letting my boner dangle in the air. Then, for a long, long time, I leisurely stroked it while he watched. After a while, he unzipped his pants, and began to stroke himself. I got kind turned on by that, and pretty soon I came awfully hard, and so did he. We cleaned up and put our pants back without saying much, and then had some coffee and talked about ordinary things before I went home.
Although the evening didn't turn out the way either of us expected, I think we were both well satisfied. I thought that since I wasn't gay, that I would not be invited back for another evening, and I was a little scared and ashamed, too. So I was surprised when I was invited again for dinner, and also surprised when I accepted. We shared another night together with music, good conversation, and again finally, masturbation. This time, I got a little drunk, for courage, and when we'd finished dinner, and went out beside the fire in the living room, after a little talk, my courage came out, and I boldly suggested that we masturbate again, and stood up and took of ALL my clothes!
Still, I had no desire to have gay sex with this man, but it didn't matter. Seeing him naked, and knowing that he was turned on was still a thrill. We enjoyed a few more nights like this, and once I let him stroke my member himself and shot cum onto his face. I enjoyed this, because by now he was a good friend, and this obviously turned him on!



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