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Perfect Summer

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My best mates and I get our rocks off after skinny-dipping in the pool for fun.


My first wanking experience must have been in my mid-teens. For several months, I'd grown accustomed to pleasurable sensations down below when I changed my pants or hopped in the shower to wash my junk, but I had never squirted cum or anything like that. This all changed, one afternoon, when I hung out with my mates, Charles and Earl. Neither boy had seen my dick before.

Charles was tall, blonde, blue-eyed, athletic, and had a sexy innocent smile. I just loved his broad masculine shoulders and smooth chest. Earl was smaller and darker, and always hung around us. He had green eyes and a tight cute butt.

One day Charles invited me to go for a swim in his backyard pool. The weather was so hot and the sun was dazzling, reflecting off the water. Charles surprised us all by coming out of the house, clad in nothing but a pair of red speedo's. At school, we wore tiny tight blue speedo's for competition swimming. They left nothing to the imagination and were super sexy But this was the first time I'd seen a red pair. They were tight and slinky and fitted Charles' package perfectly, like a second skin. I could see instantly he was uncut and his dick was semi-stiff. He'd certainly grown up in the last couple of years since I met him.

Earl was wearing white board shorts. Unfortunately, the drawstring on his shorts broke, however, and he kept having to hold them up while in the water. Charles and I laughed and laughed, and gave him shit about spying the gleaming cleft of his ass crack, which was a huge turn-on to both of us. Finally, in a fit of rage, Earl got tired of holding his board shorts up and he beached himself, belly-first, onto the side of the pool, pulled down his shorts so we could all see his cute little pink anus, ringed with dark hairs, and farted.

This was too much for Charles and I and we laughed riotously, before launching into an all-out water fight. Earl was the target. But by the time we caught up with him, he was totally naked ... beautifully, blissfully nude ... and I realized for the first time what a great body he had. His cock was red and thick, like a root, and peeked out under his pubes. His balls were round like ripe plums. Charles continued wearing his speedo's, although his cock was now hard and poked out over the edge of his waistband. He was having so much fun he didn't even notice. Panting, I stripped off my shorts and jumped in the water.

Needless to say, we all ended up wanking each other off while underwater. Charles started jerking himself off first. He pulled down the waistband of his speedo's, stroked his pink foreskin, flanked with golden pubes, and in an act of generosity reached out and stroked my dick too. I just melted at his touch. Soon, Earl had joined in the cool new game and we had all forgotten our stupid fight. We climbed out of the pool and stood by the tables on the patio, as no parents were home. Earl was the first to cum, shooting jizz all over my belly and pubes. Charles came second and finally I came. I had never come before and it was the most amazing feeling and the most amazing introduction to wanking. I just wanted to do it over and over again, while staring at my nude friends.

Charles and I had many more naked summers at his pool and, yes, Earl sometimes joined us, although we saw less of him after he got a holiday job. Eventually, two other male friends from school joined in the sex play and we had a blast.



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