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Perfect Storm

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So many seemingly unconnected things came together with unbelievable timing to produce my perfect storm.

First, my friend and co-worker had been having a difficult time dealing with her husband's progressively worsening depression, a result of some physical problems that were causing him to be on sick leave from his job.

Second, my friend was recovering from her own health issues...knee surgery that would require some long arduous rehabilitation.

A heated argument between them had led to her mother recommending a weekend apart, he and the kids would spend the time with grandma, and she would have some girl time with her friends.

The first part went as planned, but her time was unceremoniously postponed due to an urgent work assignment that she couldn't get out of (a big-time client that she had to 'babysit')

When, her assignment was done, another part of my storm materialized. She had car trouble leaving the garage at work, her husband wasn't available to pick her up, and no other co-workers were around at that hour. I was coincidentally leaving just then, was going in the same general direction, and made her realize that catching a ride home with me was simply the best solution to her problem.

I drove her home quickly and she invited me in indicating that she was in no mood to meet with her girlfriends tonight. I hesitated, but she was insistent that I at least get something to drink from her house and wash up (I had gotten greasy tinkering a little with her car at work). As she moved around her kitchen pouring a glass of juice for me, she winced several times in discomfort from her mending knee. I asked about her rehab and she said that it was ok, the only relief she got was from leg massages. I readily insisted that I give her a quick rubdown, mentioning that I would feel too guilty about leaving her alone in seemingly so much pain. Of course, she tried to politely refuse my offer, but after a little prodding and the increasing discomfort her knee was causing her, she leaned back on her sofa and let me softly massage her outstretched leg.

After a few minutes of softly kneading her thigh, she confessed that one exercise she could use my help with was a kind of leg curl working her hamstring. She now turned face down and I held her body down while slowly helping her curl her leg up. Now I became almost hypnotically focused on her beautiful, perfect, round ass. I was forced to put pressure on her ass, holding her down, while she brought her leg up and down. It was as if my hand had a mind of it's own and I began to subtly squeeze and caress her ass cheeks. Fully expecting, but not getting any sign of resistance from her, I continued.

Of course, by now, my penis was rock hard and could not be missed creating a very obvious tent in the front of my shorts. I shifted my position slightly, allowing me to rub my erection against her as my massage continued. It felt so good that I could have sworn I was dreaming. Before I realized how far gone I was, that feeling deep in my groin came forth and exploded out of me. I shot again and again into my shorts, my spasming groin uncontrollably bucking against her body. As soon as I was able, I backed away and told her that I had better be going on my way. She happily agreed and thanked me, never mentioning what had obviously just taken place. We quickly, said our goodbyes at the door and I got in my car and drove off. Only once did I catch her glancing down quickly at my crotch and like I said earlier, she never mentioned a thing.

We both knew what had happened and I think it was just her way of showing her appreciation to me in a way that she knew I would be the most grateful of. No cheating on her part, just harmless interaction between friends... a perfect storm.



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