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Perdido Key, Fl

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This happened last summer.


My family stays at the same condo in Perdido Key, FL every summer. It's a huge building with fourteen floors. Every room has a balcony that looks out over the gulf, but unlike most balconies with metal railings, all of these have waist-high concrete walls as well as solid walls that separate it from the balconies on either side. This means that you can be naked the entire time you are in the condo or on the balcony. No one can see you except from the waist up. Of course that means my wife can go bottom-less, but not topless unless it's after dark. It's not a clothing optional place or anything, so you still have to have a swimsuit on when you go to the pool or the beach, but as a home nudist, I love it, and rarely put on clothes when I am in the apartment. Often I will wrap a beach towel around my waist if I need anything at all. It makes me feel like I am on some South Sea island where everybody goes naked.

Now, I am your typical suburban dad. I'm in my forties, six feet tall, and have a big belly from too much good food and not nearly enough exercise. But I still have all my brown hair and a neatly-trimmed beard as well. The only things I always have on if I am awake are my glasses and my wedding ring. My body is fairly hairy, especially my chest and belly, but it's not thick hair, just a light covering all over. My 'moobs' (man boobs) are pretty big. I was a weight-lifter and football player in high school, but now they are just round and soft. I love having my nipples played with though, so I like it, and I think other men who look similar to me are very sexy. I'm bisexual, and I love looking at other men who are also your typical 'man-next-door'. My wife knows all this, but mostly we just don't talk much about it.

I love to go out naked on the balcony and look down at the men in the pool directly below the balcony. It's very sexy to see a man stretched out in a lounge chair or floating in the pool. Every now and again you see a man with his shorts plastered to his hips and his cock clearly outlined under the cloth. Needless to say, I sport a hard-on most of the time while we are there.

There was one time when I actually had some contact with another man while we were there. It was our second morning there on this particular trip. The first day we had come back from the beach and when we showered we noticed that the drain in the tub was really slow. I called down to the front desk and told them about the problem. They said that the head maintenance man had gone for the day, but that he would check it out tomorrow. My family had already headed down to the beach when I heard a knock on the door. I figured it was my son without his key, so I threw open the door with just the towel wrapped around me.

To my surprise, it was the custodian. He was a good looking man that we had spoken to several times over the years. Stocky, muscled, grey-haired, with a nice belly, he was my kind of guy. He said he was there to check on the tub and I let him in. Of course he knew where it was, but I followed him in to the bathroom anyway. We looked at the tub and chatted. He said the drains often slow down because of the sand. My cock began to harden from the whole situation. There he was all dressed and there I was practically naked. Now, I also have to mention that I have a big ass, and I have serious plumber's crack when I wear my towel, so I made sure that I turned around a couple of times and bent over so he got a good look. He was on his knees fussing with the drain and I stayed close by so my crotch was level with his face. My cock kept getting harder and harder, causing the towel to rise out. As we talked, he would look at my growing crotch then up at my face.

Just as we were getting to the point where I was sure something was about to happen, we heard my family in deed returning from the beach. We exchanged looks, but that was all. I called out to my wife that the custodian was there and he was working on the tub. She called out that they would be in the kitchen until he was finished. He gathered up his tools and declared he was finished. I knew I only had a moment left so I brazenly flipped the knot on my towel and let it fall off. There I stood in all my nakedness in front of this stranger. He nodded and licked his lips, which made my cock even harder. I straightened my balls and tugged my cock. Then my wife called out again, asking how it was going. I picked up my towel and wrapped it around my hips again. We moved out into the hall, once again chatting about the drains and the sand. I saw him to the door, where we shook hands, longer and tighter than most men would. We saw each other again in passing several times that trip, and I'm sure I will see him again the next time we go. I can hardly wait.



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