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Penis to Penis

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Fond memories.


I have masturbated or at least shown a great interest in my penis since early grade school. Several of us boys in the neighborhood used to get together and play with our tiny weenies. Once we were found out; I was soundly lectured by my mother, so grew up feeling masturbation was wrong. That didn't slow me up, however.

It was during 7th grade that the next door friend, John, one afternoon invited me to his house. We ended up in his bedroom and somehow the conversation led to our pulling our dicks out and fondelling them. Although I was a bit older, John apparently had matured a bit earlier and he invited me to masturbate by using the full hand. He was uncircumsised and I found his penis most interesting. He let me touch it and I'll never forget how soft and maleable the skin was.

The masturbation was successful, and I had my first known ejaculation, small but so interesting and rewarding to see. John's cum was far more abundant than mine and sent him searching for a rag with which to clean up.

One thing led to another, and after building a secret hideout in the top of my garage with used lumber, we often went there to masturbate together. By then I also had a more abundant production of semen. This activity went on for months, with the times blending together. We had no homosexual interest in each other and when not in the garage did normal pre-teen activities together.

One night we obtained my sister's pup tent and slept outside in my back yard. By then we had started to develop pubic hair and stroked and fondled one another in every imaginative way. During these sessions John would produce pre-cum, something I never had. I was fascinated, and lacking any other type of lubrication, he used that on me. With his intact foreskin and always moist glans, his excess moisture was not needed when I gently slid his skin up and down his erect shaft. With a flashlight, I carefully examined his penis and delighted in pulling his foreskin back. He could, for a couple of times at least, produce pre-cum at will by some means of contracting his pelvic muscles. With his skin pulled back, I asked him to produce a few drops. I was delighted to see the slightly white slippery fluid magically appear at the small slot in the head of his organ.

Suddenly I had a fantastic idea. Using my finger, I wiped the pre-cum from his shiny head and applied it to my own. I then motioned him closer, penis to penis, heads touching in the slippery wetness. I was then able to pull his foreskin back over his head and then mostly over my own. While holding it there, we commenced to move about rubbing the heads together producing a most ecstatic feeling. My hand was already near the underside of my penis so I added some stimulation there and reached over and stroked his skin near the underside of his glans. In 30 or 40 seconds we had a simultaneous orgasm. By then both of us had increased the quantity of cum to near adult level. The pressure was so great that it, of course, could not be contained within the small space between the two penis heads. I was unable to hold his foreskin over my penis and within two or three throbs the combined load of semen had washed my hand and was dripping everywhere. But, I must say, clean-up was a pleasure. After a wipe-up with a rag brought into the tent for the occasion, we had a drink from our soda pop bottles, rolled over and slept like babies.

I have only recently learned the value of foreskin to aid in protection and preservation of the sensitive parts of the penis. The foreskin itself is sensitive and a delight to manipulate between the thumb and forefingers. I forgive my parents for having mine removed. For years I've wanted to have intercourse with a woman who, prior to entry, would barely pull back my skin and rub the slippery head of my penis against her clit. Oh well, maybe in the next life!



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