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Penis Size Black Mail

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I am male and I was 16 when this happened. I was just a normal guy that got good grades working hard in school. I played water polo for my school and I was never very athletic but I enjoyed being physically active and I worked out at the ymca a lot so I was fairly fit. I had few down points in my life and like everyone I had the common ups and downs but I had one specific down, my penis.

At age 16 I was only about 4.5 inches hard on a good day most of the time about 4 hard and soft I was 2.5. I wasn't exactly embarrassed or anything by my size at least for a while. I just wasn't the kind of person that would show off my nude body. Like most of the boys at the ymca I would shower naked make the trip from the shower to my locker naked typical stuff. Every now and then it wouldn't be very crowded so I would go into the nude hot tub. I went into the sauna and steam room naked but had a towel around my waist.

Anyways I was never bothered by my size until some kids my age found out I was small. It was a just a normal Saturday when I was at the ymca and I finished working out and was going to the locker room. I went in and stripped down to go into the steam room. When I walked in there was an older man and two young guys I think maybe a year older than me. I was kinda surprised when I noticed they were completely naked. I didn't really care too much though. Until I sat down and started thinking about how I never really saw a penis on a guy my age before. So I kinda took a peek and when I looked I was pretty surprised. The first kid had a penis that was five inches limp and the second guy had one a little bigger but about the same.

Then I caught myself staring and quickly turned my head but I knew that I was too late. I started to think about if I should leave so I can get my shower over with before them. I waited about five minutes and got up to leave. I headed to the showers and just as I turned on the shower I heard the steam room door open and I quickly faced away from the entrance so only my butt was visible. The two guys came in and at first they seemed to stand there and I pretended not to notice. Then one of them said hey you, did you like what you saw back there' I just replied Umm what. He said kinda of made 'I saw you look at my cock.' I said I didn't mean to then he said well since you saw mine you show me yours. I said I was sorry but he insisted I show him. I slowly turned around and both of them just laughed then out of no where they took pictures with their phones and I covered and asked what they were doing they said if you dont jerk off the tiny penis of yours we are going to post these on the internet.

I begged and pleaded with them but they said I had to. Finally I agreed but then some guy in his 40s walked in. The two guys said you can do it in the hot tub. I was terrified of getting caught. They stood on the side of the hot tub while I was in the tub jerking off. The second guy came up from behind me and hit my head with his dick. I finally came three squirts of cum into the tub. They showed me that they deleted the pics and I never went back to that ymca again, I now use a different one.



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