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Penis Pal-perfect Ten

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Hi all! I'm new to Solo Touch and really excited(aroused)about it!


This is about a true experience and I suppose it will reveal a lot about my sexual orientation concerning regular solo and not nearly enough mutual masturbation. I am married but masturbation is not part of that very good sex life. For me since early childhood discovery of my natural foreskined penis, my masturbation has been a solo and mutual penis only thing. That's not to put down female masturbation and fingered pussies which is exciting and arousing. It simply reflects what I've done and hope to continue. Guess I have a cock and balls and sperm thing-my own and others when it comes to masturbation That said, on with my tale. I'm hard and primed for my first contribution.

His name was Jim and this was about five years ago. He was medium build only about 5'8', dirty blonde, still boyish features in his mid 20s. We worked in the same company and I didn't know much about him personally except he was still single and didn't seem to give much mind to our female associates despite some intriguing cleavage and little caution of sightings up short skirts. In that regard Jim had his own glance getting feature. A bulge in his well tailored trousers giving no doubt of 'on what side he wore it'. Jim and I became casual friends, at least casual until the event I'm about to relate which led to my first JO bud as an adult.

We were sent by the company to a week long seminar out of town. We arrived Sunday afternoon before the first meeting Monday morning, checked into our shared hotel room and went about our separate ways. I got back to the room early that evening before Jim did and feeling pretty nervy decided to try to get in what business travel gave me great opportunity for-masturbation away from my married home environment. No sooner had I got down to T and boxers and raised a semi hardon then Jim arrived. My condition had to be noticeable and from his glances it was.

His reaction was disarmingly open:'Horny huh?' And we both laughed and undressed down to his T and shorts and went into the bathroom and showered as I had done earlier. Feeling thrilled with lust overcoming shyness I proceeded getting myself to full erection with it more than a little wet. With that Jim emerged from the bathroom naked and finishing toweling off. Even all this time later that initial vision as I sit here recounting it causes me to pause and bring myself to edged orgasm just short of ejaculation. He was also fully erect with the most beautiful sexual apparatus-penis, ball filled scrotum, rich but groomed pubic growth-I've seen before or since.

The fully engorged penis with bulging glans half out of its paper thin hood stood angled up with thick straight shaft and balls drawing up and separating within the large sac. Matter of factly he began slowly fingering the skin back until a large clear bead of wet glistened in the gaping slit. I stood up with cock and balls standing out of my boxers and 'kissed' the tip of his glans with mine, sharing our precum. Naked we sat thigh against thigh on the side of one of the beds masturbating each other for countless edged orgasms. Finally we went into the bathroom and standing over the basin milked off our ejaculated sperm into it. Versions of that were repeated at least daily for our stay at the seminar. And so began my first such adult friendship and about which I would love to masturbate with you again if that is so welcomed.



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