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Penis Envy

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My girlfriend and I learned we would like a dick


I was just an innocent girl in her teens, when my best friend Sally changed all that. We were at her house, when she said I'm really horny today and need some dick.

I asked her what are you talking about. My pussy really has the itch she said. I was really confused. Your pussy? Well yea what do you do when you feel horny. Now I was even more confused and just looked at her trying to figure out what she was talking about.

She then started telling me about masturbation and how good it makes you feel. Here I'll show you, she stood up slipped off her shorts and panties at the same time. She sat down in front of me and started to play with her pussy, come on take your shorts off, join me she said.

I undressed and she reached over and fingered my clit, it felt so good. She said, you do me and I'll do you. After about four or five minutes I had an amazing feeling down there. Next thing I know I had an intense climax and I let go of her pussy, she then put one hand down there and she came too.

After we came back to earth she said it's even more fun when she does it with her brother. But boys don't have pussies do they. No silly hey have dicks which squirt out cum and I love to see it. I wish I had a dick.

She put on a robe and left the room so I started to dress. Then the door opens and there she was leading her 14 year old brother by the hand. His name is Peter and I never saw too much of him. She pulled off her robe and told Peter to get out of those clothes.

I watched as Peter stripped off his clothes and saw my first penis. Sally told me to take my shorts back off. She told him to lay on the floor, she took hold of his penis and I saw it growing in her hand. Haven't you seen a dick before. No was all I could say.

Come closer she said, she began explaining all his parts, this is his dick and this is where the cum shoots out. Cum is what makes babies when a boy shoots it in your pussy. That's called fucking or making love.

These are his balls or nuts if you prefer this is where the cum is stored. Here touch them. I felt his balls they were soft, hot and I loved them I wished I had them too. Sally told me to lay with my pussy toward Peters face so we could play with each other.

Peter was pushing a finger into me and it hurt and felt good at the same time. I pumped his dick like Sally did. Peter's finger went deeper all the way to the top of his knuckle and his thumb was rubbing my clit. Just then Peter tightened up and started to make weird sounds and this white stuff shot out of his dick about six times.

It went all over the place then dribbled down my hand. Sally said that's his cum now rub it all over his dick and balls. I loved doing this when Peter pumped his finger a few more times, I had another cum. This was even better than the first one I was exhausted.

Sally reached over and rubbed Peters balls, took some cum and tasted it and then she shook and came herself. Peter started to pump his own penis, Sally said that's what you call jerking off. I had heard that term in the school yard but never knew what it meant.

Sally grabbed his dick and jerked him very fast she said he can cum six times in a row. I could see now why she wanted a dick I kind of wanted one too it was beautiful. I learned a lot more that day how good cum tastes but its not for Solo Touch



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