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Peeping at Dad Peeping at Missy

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About 19 ro 20 years ago my family and I were living in a large city in the Southwest. We lived in a subdivision in the suburbs and the houses were built close together.

There was a family living across the street from us that had two daughters. I cannot remember the younger girls name but the older one was named Missy. Let me tell you she was a doll. At the time she was either 17 or 18 years old. She had long brown hair, beautiful tanned skin. She had a body out of this world. In addition to all of this she was a beautiful girl.

Late one afternoon just about dark I was sitting outside on the small front porch on our house. The porch light was off and I was hidden by the hedges in front of our house. My wife and kids were gone somewhere but I don't remember where.

I noticed her dad walk around the corner of the house from the back. He seemed to be checking out his lawn. Then he started looking all around as if to see if anyone was watching him. Seeing no one he walked to the other end of his house and stepped behind a large bush. I knew the house well enough that I knew that he was standing at Missy's bedroom window. I could tell the light was on in her room. I wondered for a moment what he was doing.

I have a night vision scope so I slipped in my house and got it and went back out quietly. I looked through the scope. I could see Fred behind the bush. All of a sudden he unzipped his pants and pulled his cock out. I could tell he was looking in his daughter's window. He then started masturbating. Was he peeping at his daughter? My cock began to get hard watching Fred jack off. Just the thought of him jacking off while spying on his daughter was enough to make me hard.

It wasn't long until Fred's body stiffened and his hips thrust forward and apparently he came. He then put his cock back in and zipped up and slowly walked back around to the front of the house as if checking out his lawn.

I just had to find out what he was looking at. As soon as he rounded the back corner of his house I walked over close to the spot where he had been standing and I could see Missy on the bed naked. Her hands were on her pussy and it was red and wet. It was plain to see that she had been masturbating.

There is no way her dad could have stood that close to her window with the light shining on him without her knowing he was there. I have often wondered if she knew he dad was watching her and she was putting on a show for him. Was it something they planned? I don't know, but I do know that that scene was repeated many nights because I saw him go to the same spot.

Not too long after that first time I saw Fred in the front yard one day and walked over. He told me they were going on vacation in a couple of days and wanted to know if I would keep an eye on their house. I told him I would be happy to do so. He gave me a key just in case I needed to get in for any reason.

They had not been gone thirty minutes until I decided to check things out in the house. I went straight to Missy's bedroom. Was I in luck? I spotted a pair of dirty panties on her bed as soon as I walked in the door. I picked them up and smelled the crotch. My cock was hard immediately. All I could think about was the night I saw her beautiful tan naked on the bed with her legs spread and her pussy shining from the excess pussy juice. And now I was smelling and tasting her pussy juice. Also, the thought of her father jacking off while watching her play with her pussy kept running through my mind.

I almost chewed the crotch out of those panties the next few days. There was not one bit of odor of her pussy in them when I finished. The last time I used her panties to jack off, I shot a huge load of cum in the crotch and left them on her bed where I found them.

A couple of years after that they moved to another part of town. I have jacked off many times since thiking about how beauriful Missy look on her bed that night and how wonderful her pussy smells and tastes.



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