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Peep Show Revisited

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Kinda risky, but wanted to try this again


Last summer I submitted a story about what happened inside a peep show booth with me and a coworker of mine. She has moved on, and every now and then I think about that adventure.

My husband has been away on business for a few days and yesterday during the midmorning I was feeling extremely horny at the office. My hand would wander down from the computer keyboard to my leg, and slowly down around my thigh and to the silk black panties I wore underneath my red skirt.

I would feel my finger caressing the pinkness through the panties, feeling moisture developing there.

Smiling, I thought about Sandy, that beautiful teen angel and I masturbating each other inside that slimy booth as we watched very hot porn on that backdoor.

I didn't cum there at the office, just teased myself and decided to go back to that sleazy bookstore during lunch and cum inside a booth.

Lunch time finally arrived; I left the office with my purse over my shoulder. I marched the few blocks till I saw that dark blue building of the adult book store. I stopped thinking its going to be odd going in there without a companion, I was having 2nd thoughts and was about to turn away and smiled because in my mind I heard Sandy say 'Go for it'

I finally entered the store, walking by the counter displaying dildoes, vibes, cock rings, anal plugs and the guy at the counter eyeing me. There was a small box of handcuffs and I remembered Sandy picking one up and saying 'I have these at home', what a wild sex life she probably had.

Going deeper into the store was the large darkened room that had row after row of peep show booths, and there were also 'the rattlers' a few men rattling the closed doors wanting to get in. Wow, there were a lot of men in here, lots of them dressed in business suits, others in jeans and tee shirts. Must be the lunch time crowd I figured and I was the only female here.

Some of the men looked surprised, some looked embarrassed, even one very gay looking fellow seemed to be annoyed that I was in his territory.

One of the casually dressed guys in his early 20's smiled at me, went inside a booth and winked as a signal for me to join him.

I looked the other way and spotted the booth that Sandy and I were in that day. It was vacant; the door was open and no one standing nearby. I quickly went to that booth locked the door, sat down on the bench that seats two and fumbled inside my purse for a $5 bill to enjoy a hot vid and arouse myself.

As I slipped the bill into the slot a movie started and I was startled a bit when I heard my door shake, then I remembered again about 'the rattlers'. Thank goodness they have locks on these doors.

The movie started it was an extremely raunchy orgy scene it really wasn't to my liking, I found the channel selector on the wall and went through a few stations and stopped when I saw 2 extremely sexy young ladies being very tender with each other and exploring their bodies. Now this was getting me very aroused. My hands hiked up the red skirt and I immediately lowered the silk black panties down to my heels.

Legs spread I began to run both hands slowly on the inside of my thighs. I then moved my right hand to my pussy and cupped my breast through the blouse with my left hand.

Watching the visuals on the door, I immediately thought of me and Sandy being here.

My thumb and index finger toyed with the aching nipple. My finger feeling that hot wetness on my hard clit and around those plump pussy lips of mine.

The door rattled again.

I shot two fingers inside me, let them wander and play with my hungry pussy. I watched more of this very erotic lesbian movie, these girls were very hot.

I was getting close to my explosion, but needed something more. I slowed down a bit; there was also an indicator that showed up on the screen that only 45 seconds remained from my money. I reached into my purse and brought another $5 bill and fed it into the slot, at the same time I accidentally switched to another movie, WOW a very handsome hunk playing with his cock as his wife or girlfriend lay next to him on the bed and watched.

My door rattled again, was it the same guy or different guys wanting to get in? Do they know a lady is in here getting her self off or some other guy jerking in here?

My pussy was aching, I was thinking of grabbing the hair brush in my purse and using the handle, I watched this guy in the movie slowly jerking that beautiful massive cock of his, his precum glistening on that cock head.

I glanced at the lock on the door, and again heard Sandy say 'Go for it'

Reaching out I unlocked the door, it slowly eerily opened just a bit and scooted over for company.

To be continued.



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