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Peep Show (Part 3)

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I've gone full circle in that booth, once with another female coworker, once by myself, and this 3rd encounter with a male stranger.


Reaching out I unlocked the door, it slowly eerily opened just a bit and I scooted over for company....

It had to be less than 20 seconds after I unlocked the peep show booth door that a 'rattler' slithered in and sat beside me. He smiled, seemed surprised that a female was in here and said 'Nice to meet you' as he locked the door.

He was an elderly fellow, hard to tell because of the semi darkness inside the booth but from the sound of his voice and so many grey hairs on his goatee I guessed probably late 50's or early 60's.

He glanced at the sex showing on the door, looked at me seeing my skirt hiked over my waist, the black panties meeting the heels of my shoes, my legs somewhat apart, this time my hands were simply resting on my legs, he said 'looks like you've been enjoying the movie, please show me what you've been doing' He reached into his pocket pulled out a bill and put it into the slot to extend the movie time.

The door rattled again and we looked at each other and smiled.

'Show me how you finger fuck yourself' I saw the outline of his hardening cock, he then undid his belt unsnapped the trousers, unzipped and reached in to pull it out.

I licked two of my fingers and lowered them to my mound, and pushed them in. His hand was slowly feeling my leg and inner thigh as his other hand moved up and down on his very erect cock.

We watched the movie but were watching each other more; the musky smell of our sex was very evident in this small booth.

My fingers raced a little faster inside, then slowed down, teasing the clit just a little as he kept looking down at what I was doing.

He whispered that he has never been in here with a woman, but since his wife passed away some years ago, has visited these booths and watched porn movies with other men to get his sexual release.

I stared at his hand moving up and down that very hard cock. He released it and asked me to jerk it off for him. I was tempted to lean down and have him in my mouth, but I simply wrapped my fingers around this massive warm cock and rubbed it as he asked. God it felt so good in my soft hand

He slid his fingers inside me and rotated them around; he whispered his wife loved this method of fingering.

I was extremely wet, he removed the fingers brought them to his mouth and licked off my juices, 'I almost forgotten how good a woman tastes' He lowered them and entered me, his other hand undid a few buttons on my blouse so he could reach it and feel my bra and breast.

I was humping his hand now, as he made those wonderful circles 8's inside my pussy. He then surprised me and aroused me even more by doing similar circle 8's on my very hard clit, then back in my pussy.

And I was watching the guy in the movie fucking his girl, in the missionary position, watching his cock sliding in and out of her.

I looked down at my partner's hand working so expertly inside me.

I suddenly released his cock which was wet from precum, my hands braced the seat; it was time now. I came hard on his dancing fingers; so much pussy juice flowing out, the erotic movie playing but it was not needed. I came again in that booth all over his fingers and on the seat. 'What a friggin head rush that was' I whispered to him.

Now it was his turn, I licked the palm of my hand and fingers and told him to pretend it's my hot pussy about to devour his cock. I lowered my saliva covered hand and once again wrapped it around his hardness. It wasn't going to take long; I felt the cock get even harder as my slippery hand glided on it.

I picked up speed now and pumped it, up and down, the movie had stopped playing he just kept looking at my face and at my busy hand 'Oh God I'm so close' he whispered. The door rattled but we got used to it by now.

He reached into his pocket and pulled out one of those hand packs of tissues. He then quickly pushed down his trousers; he didn't have on underwear, and raised his shirt so the explosion wouldn't make a mess on his clothes, and he was bucking wildly as my hand pumped him up and down, each stroke faster than the last. Gazing at his face then again I stared at that enormous cock, and I whispered 'I want to see you cum so bad' then he shot one, two, three, four, five streams of hot cum which the tissue would not hold, most of it was both all over my hand and on his chest and stomach. I was amazed at how much he had.

He thanked me, I told him that we both needed a release and it was amazing.

We used as much tissue as possible to clean him best we could, and to wipe it off my hand. My panties on the floor were a bit of help in the clean-up.

As we adjusted our clothes I did tell him a little bit about my encounter with Sandy in this booth.

He smiled and said 'you are a horny one' and thanked me once again.

I glanced at my watch oh my I was late, I'll just grab a sandwich at the cafeteria and take it to my desk.

He unlocked the door and we walked out together smiling, needless to say lots of stares from the lonely guys came in our direction.

The next guy that visits the booth will have one surprise; I purposely left the black silk panties, cum stained on the seat.



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