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Peep Show

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This happened two summers ago, Sandy has since married and moved to another city. We correspond and I will remember the experience forever. Thank you Sandy.


Let me begin by saying I am married to a great hubby, I have never 'cheated' on him, nor have I ever been sexual with another female, until that day at the adult bookstore.

Sandra and I worked together at the same advertising company and have been great friends for a few years. Sandy was single, 19, and more of a free spirit. I liked to hang out with her because she helps me feel young. She loves guys and has had lots of experiences with them.

Jim, my husband had been away for about two weeks to care for his ailing father.

One day, Sandy and I decided to go shopping downtown after work. I needed a new purse and she was planning on buying some jewellry and have her watch repaired. She was wearing heels, a powder blue one piece mini dress with very thin shoulder straps. I was a bit more conservative (but not that much) also in heels, red skirt and white blouse, neither wore nylons that day.

While downtown we spotted an adult book store and went in just for kicks. What a world of erotica this was, marital aids, books, videos to spice up any sex life. I was amazed. Sandy picked up a pair of handcuffs and said with a chuckle 'I have these at home'

In the back of the store we saw a large dimly lit room with several movie booths in it. Sandy said with a laugh, 'Come on, let's see a movie' We went inside the room and saw a few men loitering around. One was checking and rattling the handles of closed doors, probably to see if he could get in.

We went to a booth where the door was open and I quickly locked it. It was somewhat dark inside, all we saw was a small bench that would seat two and a trash can filled with wadded up tissues. Even I chuckled and said to Sandy,' I don't think someone was in here with a bad cold.'

We sat on the small bench and Sandy put a dollar bill into the slot. A movie began to show on the white painted door. There was a channel selector and Sandy was very slowly running through the channels. The sound was surprisingly good and what we saw on the door/screen was very erotic. I slowly brushed my blouse with my hand and could feel my nipples getting aroused. Not sure if Sandy saw that, she was fixated on the screen. She stopped on station 52 and whispered to me 'look at those hard cocks' On the screen we saw two extremely handsome men maybe 24 years old, sitting side by side on a bed and rubbing their hard cocks. They looked like models from a mens magazine. I was certain this was a gay video, but maybe not; one of them was talking about how great his girlfriend is in bed. The other was saying he wishes Melissa was there with him so 'she could feel my hard cock inside her' This was getting me and Sandy very aroused, sitting on the small bench our legs and thighs touching each other. Suddenly the movie stopped, I reached into my purse and pulled out a ten dollar bill and told Sandy to use this in the slot, 'it will give us more time', she smiled and said 'You are getting daring' The bill went into the slot and it started again. I told Sandy 'I need to get a bit more comfortable' and hiked up my skirt over my hips, sliding my hand down the front of my panties as I watched these two hunks on the screen. Sandy whispered 'Damn Jenny, you're making me soooo HOT, I need to do the same' She pushed up her mini dress which revealed no panties and a shaven pussy.

I then pushed my panties down to my ankles and opened up my legs slightly more. Sandy saw my soft trimmed light brown bush and smiled.

We watched the guys, talking about sex and their girl friends, my fingers were caressing my wet pussy lips and Sandy was teasing her pussy as we watched this video and each other. This was feeling so good.

Suddenly we heard the door rattle, someone wanted to get in, it startled us but also made us hornier. There we sat our legs touching and rubbing each other, watching each other masturbate and watching those two handsome men in the movie masturbating their extremely hard cocks while talking of fucking their girlfriends, our hips moving, rotating and our fingers darting in and out of our extremely hot pussies.

'Finger fuck that wet young teen pussy Sandy' I whispered, thumbing my enlarged clit as I watched her. She was twisting in her seat, the door rattled again, the excitement was incredible. I could see my fingers glistening with my juices, she glanced at me, then at the movie and again at me and murmured loudly 'I'm Cumminggg' She was half off the seat as her legs wiggled. I was so close; suddenly I felt two fingers dart inside me. Sandy was fingering me hard 'Pretend it's that guys cock fucking you' she said referring to the handsome blonde on the screen who was licking his hand and pretending to be fucking his girlfriend.

'His cock is deep inside you' she whispered in my ear, as she fingered me harder and deeper, sliding in a third one. My index finger making circles around and on my hard red clit. I was biting the bottom of my lip, the door rattled; someone wanted to see who was in here, what they were doing. My eyes darted to Sandy, looking down on my womanhood, my mature pussy humping her teen fingers wildly, I could smell my sex there in that confined booth. My blue eyes shifted to the men on the screen. I couldn't hold back any longer 'Ohhh Sandy....' I took hold of her wrist so she wouldn't pull her fingers out now, so she could finish me off.

After I cummed we looked at each other, smiled and I thanked her. The screen suddenly displayed less than two minutes left of the movie. We got up, adjusted our clothes, as the door rattled once more. When we were ready Sandy unlocked the door, opened it and as we left we saw 'The Rattler'. I told him, 'You can go in now' he smiled at us and said 'I wish I could have seen' Sandy said to him playfully 'Well, go in lock the door and use your imagination' He went inside the booth, looked at us as he unzipped his jeans and then he simply closed the door and locked it.

This time I rattled the handle to make sure it was locked and whispered through the door, 'enjoy yourself' we left and went on to do the shopping as planned.



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