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Peeing with Maya at the waterfall

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Such an innocent memory makes my clitoris tingle every time.


When I was quite a bit younger, my aunt lived and worked in a tiny village in Sri Lanka. My mum and I flew all the way over to visit her during one dry season. It was like paradise - palm trees, delicious food, wonderfully kind people dressed in the most colourful dresses and saris. I made friends with a couple of little girls straight away and they invited me to come swimming at the waterfall.

Excitedly, I asked my mum. She asked my aunt who said I could only go if Maya was going. Maya was an older girl in the village who was one of my aunt's students. She trusted Maya and so that was good enough for my mum. The other girls ran to find Maya, who a few minutes later came walking up the dirt street hand in hand with one of my new friends. She smiled at me and waved to my aunt and we trooped off in search of the waterfall.

Maya was beautiful. Long, shaggy black hair and skin the colour of dark coffee, bangles jangling on her long skinny arms. With my pale skin, dirty blonde hair and freckly nose we were almost polar opposites.

When we got to the waterfall (which was breathtaking!) the girls started to strip down to their underpants. I hesitated - my little breasts had just started to bud and I was self conscious about my puffy nipples. I looked over to see Maya tugging her t-shirt over her shoulders, her breasts were slightly bigger than mine and bared to the world. So I did the same.

We splashed and swam in the cold water. We climbed up onto the rocks and let the waterfall cascade over our naked bodies. We'd been there for ages and I realised I needed to pee. I asked Maya where I could pee and she pointed to the bushes. I didn't know what to do. I hadn't needed to pee out in the open since I was a toddler and I didn't know how to do it.

Maya beckoned me over into the trees, out of sight of the other girls. She squatted down and pulled the crotch of her wet underpants to the side, showing me her pussy, covered in curly dark hair. Then she began to pee. I watched in awe as the pee spurted from her pussy, splashing onto the dusty, leafy ground. She motioned for me to do the same and so I did: pulling my underpants to the side and spreading my own slightly hairy pussy wide. It took me a moment to relax enough to pee and when I did it just trickled at first, before the stream strengthened and gushed all over the ground. Maya was staring at my pussy and it felt strangely good.

We continued to swim. Every now and then I noticed Maya with her hand cupped over her crotch like she needed to pee. I thought that was weird because I knew she just had. It wasn't until a year or two later (after I had discovered the pleasure of my clitoris) that I realised she must have been masturbating! Not overtly, but she must have enjoyed the feeling of her fingers squeezing her beautiful pussy. Was she aroused because she had just shown me her pussy, or maybe it was the excitement of seeing mine?

Maya and I made a habit of peeing in front of each other during the weeks we stayed in the village. I still have a photo of us with our arms around each other on my wall. I wonder where she is now and if she's still playing with herself to the thought of my pussy, the way I do to the thought of hers.



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