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Peeing in Traffic

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I am 20 and a very serious student. I think I am average looking, not overweight, normally proportioned. I guess you would say I am a control freak. My sex experiences have been under my control. I masturbate as a stress relief. I have always thought those porn videos or those having sex losing control, with thrashing, moaning, and screaming were all for show. When I climax, I may sigh or gasp and feel great relaxation. I have a boyfriend but our sex life is well controlled. He has tried groping me, pinching my nipples like squeezing zits and fumbled around trying to jam a finger in me. When he asked me to touch him, he immediately ejaculated. So I have found, when he gets horny, I will masturbate him. He recovers and we go on with our evening.

Early this fall, I had a major interview for my application for pharmacy school and scholarship. I bought a new sundress for the occasion. It was tailored enough to show I was a woman, but conservative enough to show I was a serious student. I headed out a little before 1:00 for 4:00 interview. It is usually less than 35 min drive to get there and I figured I would hang out at the library until the interview.

As I drove down the interstate, we came to a complete stop about 15 minutes from campus. As we sat there I found a radio station saying there was a major accident ahead. I soon needed to pee and wished I had gone before leaving home. After sitting there about an hour, the radio said they hoped to open the highway in about 30 mins. I knew my bladder would not make it. I carefully laid my plan. Get some tissues to wipe, step out of my shoes, open the door, sit on the door frame, pull down my panties and pee. Grab the tissues and wipe and get back into the car without getting pee on my dress.

All went according to plan until I started to pee. The short distance to the road and the force I was peeing caused the pee to splatter all over the back of my legs and my panties. I tried to reach the tissue, but had left them on the other front seat. I rose up on my feet and arched back to reach them over my head, and realized in holding my dress up I had just stuck my pussy in the air for anyone to see. I didn't make eye contact with anyone in other cars. So I did the normal wipe and slid off my panties. My legs are covered in pee and I can't get my dress in it. I remembered that I had a package of wet wipes in the glove box. In order to find them I turned around on and knelt on my seat, still keeping my dress up to get them.

As I settled down back on the door frame I realize that now I had stuck my bare butt in the air. I wiped down my legs and butt and slid back into the car. I put an old sweatshirt from the back seat under me. I finally had the courage to see who may have seen something. From my mirror I could see there was a carload of guys in the next lane who were perfectly aligned for a show. They had watched me pee, stick my pussy in the air, stick my butt in the air, and wash down my butt and legs. While I was so embarrassed, my clitoris was huge sticking out from my pubic hair. I have never been so aroused. I had to play with it. I slid forward in the seat, stroked my clit, and quickly exploded into an orgasm that caused me to arch my back, my legs to quiver, and scream an uncontrollable gasp and moan.

About then the traffic started to move forward slowly. The boys in the car behind opened their door and picked up my panties off the highway. When I got on campus I immediately went to the ladies room. As I walked there, my crotch and upper thighs were so slippery with the warm wetness from my orgasm. I got some paper towel wet with warm water and went into the stall. As I wiped the slippery wetness from between my labia, I exploded again. I finally was able to clean myself, touch up my make-up, and brush my hair.

I had a warm glow as I walked into my interview. I asked to sit in a big leather chair. I carefully swept my dress from below me as I sat down. Without panties, I did not want my wetness to make a spot on my dress. There were three men and a woman interviewing me. The interview was a breeze. When I went to leave I saw a damp imprint of my bare bottom on the leather chair, so I carefully pushed it in under the table. While I now have great orgasms remembering that day, I want to have another similar experience. I just don't know how to do it in a controlled safe way. I want to show off my pussy but want it to look like an accident or desperation (pee); but I do not want the chance of being molested by someone. Any ideas or experiences? By the way I was accepted into pharmacy school with a full scholarship. I wonder if it was pheromones?



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