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Peeing and Playing at the Beach

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My aunt had taken my brother and I away to a beach house for the weekend. From the back door of the beach house you only had to walk down a trail through the trees before you were at the beach. It was a very natural looking beach and the trees around were beautiful.

From when I was very young I had always been fascinated by peeing. I was excited by the idea of other people peeing as much I was excited about peeing myself. Peeing outdoors was especially erotic to me. Almost immediately I was looking for good, private places to pee along the beach.

One afternoon, we had all come back from the beach. I sat around the house, somewhat restless. I couldn't sit still, my crotch was tingling. I stood up and announced I was going to take a walk back at the beach.

Barefoot, I walked down the trail until the trees opened out. I could feel the lips of my crotch brushing against the fabric of my underwear as I walked. I had the whole beach to explore, good peeing places to find.

First, I went up and over one of the scrubby sand dunes. Just over the crest was a little opening in the trees. I wasted no time pulling my shorts and underpants over my bottom and all the way off. I hooked them on a branch and stood naked from the waist down. My heart was pounding. The sea breeze tickled my bare skin and I found it naughtily exciting.

I squatted down and peered between my legs. The curly little brown hairs were damp and stuck to my skin. The lips of my vagina spread open to reveal purplish pink folds. I pushed hard. I was so aroused it took a short while until the first little golden drops pushed their way through. They dribbled out from my small bush of hair and soaked into the sand. The sight of my hairy vagina spread wide in the outdoors served only to make me even more aroused.

I stood up. From where I stood, I could just see the beach. It was almost empty but for a couple walking their dog. I loved the fact that if they had happened to look up and see me, all they would have seen would be my head and shoulders. They would have no idea that below my pussy was naked, pink and swollen.

I picked a leaf off a nearby tree and attempted to wipe myself. I had become so wet that the leaf did nothing to clean me up. It just slid over my slippery vagina. I stuffed my underwear up the sleeve of my sweater and pulled my shorts on over my naked crotch.

Casually, I walked down the dune, my thoughts turned to another small clearing I had noticed near the trail to our house. The clearing was like a tiny, sandy floored room under the squat, windswept trees. I was obviously not the first to think so. There was an old tin pot with a handle in the corner of the room. It had been someone else's cubby before now.

I slipped my shorts off and hung them on a branch again. I sat my bare bottom down over the old pot and pushed to let the pee trickle. I could hear the thin, broken stream hitting the tin sides of the pot and saw a little golden trickle dribble out from the rust holes at the bottom. I stopped the stream and lifted my heated crotch from the pot. Little droplets of pee clung like dew drops to the hairs that weren't stuck down by my slick pussy juices.

I had almost emptied myself but there was one more thing I wanted to try. On the edge of the clearing was a short, fat little tree. It had a thick, low branch that jutted out. When I swung my leg over, I just had to bend my knees a little before I was sitting astride the branch. On the top side of the branch was a knot hole. I positioned my hairy, wet little vulva just above the knot hole and began to pee. My vagina was swollen up like a little ball. The red and purple folds and bits protruded from the beneath the hairs without me having to spread my legs wide at all. I missed with the first trickles but ended up aiming a little stream straight into the knot hole. It filled up quickly and the pee overflowed.

I sat my bare bottom down on the tree branch. I rocked forward, placing my swollen vulva directly on the branch. The pee spurted out from my slippery vagina and ran down the smooth bark, dripping into the sand. I was pushing out the last few drops. I just couldn't take the direct contact to my vagnina. Everything was swollen-my lips, the inner lips were fat, my clitoris stuck out. My pussy juices mixed with pee were smeared all over my steaming crotch.

I held onto the branch and began to grind into it. I thrust my hips back and forth and rubbed my pussy over the smooth bumps of the bark. my vagina slipped and slid. I pushed hard, rubbing and grinding my clitoris until I was overcome by a sweet climax.

A little shaky, I lifted myself from the wet, slick branch and slipped my shorts back on.

Rosy-cheeked, flushed with effort and a little guilt, I took the swollen, slippery-thighed walk back up the trail.



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