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Pe Class in the Pool

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When I was about 14 years old, and still a virgin, we were having PE class in the county pool that was next to our school.

Usually it was just all boys, but for some reason, this time there was a girls class in there with us!

After we did all the class stuff with our coach, we would have about 15 minutes of free time, and same with the girls.

So, I'm just kind of swimming around in the shallow end, when one of the girls starts talking to me.

Her name was Lori, and she was one of the girls from the 'tough crowd'. Although we had gone to school together for years we really had never talked one on one. She was very outgoing and always joking around. I'd just hang around her and her friends to hear her laugh and joke.

Lori was also built like crazy with a tiny waist and big boobs. As she talked with me that day in the pool, I couldn't take my eyes off her top, as her boobs looked even bigger because they were trying to float!

The county pool was really big, and we were kind of away from everyone else, when out of the blue she says to me 'you can feel me down below if I can feel you, ok?'

I was totally shocked and embarrassed, and just grinned at her, speechless! She giggled and went on 'the life guard can't see what were doing underwater, come on' as she moved closer to me and I felt her hand touch me through my trunks!

She was just gently holding my soft penis and smiling, her grasp not moving but not letting go either!

I couldn't resist the opportunity to take her up then on the invitation, and put my hand to her crotch.

She again giggled and said 'lets really touch ok?' and then put her hand up the leg of my trunks, working past the liner and was actually holding me in person!

I noticed my breathing getting faster, and that I was starting to get an erection! She fondled it, and started rubbing me!

I responded by slipping my fingers under her bottoms at about the top of her thigh. I could feel only hair. She was breathing hard too and said 'go down more', which I did.

I had never felt or for that matter, ever even seen a girls vagina before, but I knew when my middle finger slipped in between her lips and into her hole about an inch that I was in her vagina.

She was now giggling, squirming and breathing even harder as she clenched my now erect penis. I instinctively started to wiggle my finger, and did it for just a minute when I now know that she had an orgasm. She just kind of shuddered and made some groans.

After her release and still holding me, she said 'you're big.. do you want to cum?'

I said 'ok, but we can't do it here' she said sure we can as she continues to jack me under water, her hand still down my trunks!

I'll never forget her just staring into my eyes and all the while pumping away at me.

I knew I was going to ejaculate, and I looked around to see if anyone was looking at us, because I didn't want her to stop. The lifeguard was watching kids in the deep end no one else was looking our way. And even if they did, all they could see was our heads above the water.

She knew I was going to do it too, and she rubbed me as fast as she could in the water. I couldn't help letting out a grunt and feeling the warmth for a second in her hand.

She gave me a quick kiss on the lips and swam away! I swam around till my boner went down and made sure I was all rinsed off.

That was it, we never dated or anything after that and she never said anything about it, but it was one day in the county pool I'll never forget!



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