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Paying the Price

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I had no choice. And it was time to face the music!


This happened to me last winter when I was still 15. At the time I was very embarassed but since then I have relived this over and over in my head and it still gets me turned on.

My friend Christopher's parents are divorced and his father now lives in another state, so Christopher and his sister Deanna go to stay with him every year during Easter break. Their dad said it was ok for them each to bring a friend down to visit for the week and Christopher asked me to go. His sister Deanna brought her friend Stacy. Deanna and Stacy were both very cute but at only 13, they were way too young for me.

Christopher warned me that Deanna was a devil but I always thought she was nice to me. The first night we were at their dad's house, the girls were starting to get on Christopher's nerves. We were in the basement playing pool and we heard the girls sneaking down the stairs to spy on us so Christopher threw a chalk cube at Deanna. She retaliated by throwing it back at him and striking him in the eye. So his dad had to take him to the emergency room and I was left alone with the girls.

Being alone with me in the house must have gotten the girls minds to wandering because as soon as Christopher and his dad were out of sight the girls started whispering to each other and giggling. Deanna told me that they decided they wanted to see me naked. I said no way! they both began pulling on my clothes and chased me around the house. I ran into the bathroom and locked the door. This made Deanna mad. She yelled through the door that if I didn't do what she said she was going to tell her dad that I showed my penis to them. I knew she would because she frequently lied to get Christopher in trouble every chance she got. I opened the door and said I would do anything she wanted because I knew her dad would believe anything she said.

Deanna told me that I had to get naked, so I took off all of my clothes and placed my hand over my small penis. She told me to move my hands and I did. They were both staring at it so intensly and now watching both of these girls staring at my penis began to excite me. I did not want to get a boner in front of them so I tried to cover myself again but they grabbed my hands and said they wanted to watch it get hard and just hearing them say hard got me even more excited and within seconds my penis was fully hard. It is almost six inches but when Deanna turned to Stacy and said see, I told you they get huge, Stacy said Oh my god, I can't believe how big it is now. This made me feel better about the situation because until then, I was worried that girls might think it was too small. Deanna then told her friend that boys like to rub on their penis to make stuff shoot out. I said 'NO we don't' and Deanna said 'I know boys do this because I've spied on Christopher doing it to his penis. I didn't think Christopher masturbated because he always told me he thought it was disgusting, but he obviously did or how else would Deanna have known. Stacy said she wanted to see me do this. I again said no way! but she said ok then I'll tell my dad you did it right in front of us. I began to grab my penis and stroked it a couple of times and said there, I'm done but they protested and told me I had to keep doing it until it shoots. I wrapped my hand around my hard penis and stroked it for several minutes, usually when I jerk off, I will speed up as I get close to cumming, my toes curl up and my back arches and I cum, but I didn't want the girls to see me like that so I kept cool and stroked slowly watching them look on in amazement. Deanna said that it never takes Christopher that long and said I wasn't doing it right. So I told her to tell me what to do, she told me to spit on it and then rub it. I said 'you spit on it' so she leaned toward my hard penis and spit on it, the warm feeling of her spit on my boner felt awesome. I quickly grabbed hold of my penis and massaged her spit in. It only took about ten seconds of this before I blew my load. The orgasm was great, but as soon as I was done shooting, I was embarassed and put my clothes back on.



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