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Paying for It

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Memories of my one time with a prostitute.


Many years ago I lived alone and didn't see very much sexual action. There's was a guy sort of new to our workplace. He had a thing about attending strip clubs fairly regularly. Over time he came to the point of trying to round up some of us to go with him to one. I'd been to one before and was game to go again. Most of the guys said they'd go along with him, including me. As the date neared practically everyone bailed out mainly due to being married.

The day of the night out I finally talked a third guy into accompanying the two of us. Our host was to be driving leaving us to drink as much as we wanted. On the way to the club our host mentioned we'd check out one popular club with lots of sexy ladies then later go to another town where there were ladies not as sexy yet would do special favors. He said we could expect anything there for the right price.

Shortly after we were at the first club my reluctant to come along friend became very free willing and enjoying himself a lot. We all three were having a great time. I mentioned to a couple of the girls there about our plans to go to the second club. None had heard of it.

After a couple of hours we were off to our second destination. Our host explained roughly how this place worked. We'd pay a cover charge and enter just like most strip clubs. After watching a girl or two dance they'd come down to us and chat. This is when we'd talk to them about the special favors.

Arriving at the place we found it to be a very low grade establishment behind a truck stop off a major interstate highway. It was well after midnight and there looked to be hardly anyone there. We paid the doorman and made our way down a dark hallway to the dance room. There were several leisure chairs along with an L shaped raised dance floor and a big screen TV showing porn. There were only two other guys in there. They were older guys.

The first girl came out to dance. We learned there were only three girls working. This first one to dance was the most unattractive of the three. As she finished her couple of dances the other two came out from behind us and was chatting with our host who was sitting a few seats behind me. He chatted with the prettiest of the two and then left the room with her. I motioned for the other to come over to me leaving the one who just danced for the other guy with us. I asked my girl about what I could get and the price. My host had told me I could get a hand job yet my girl said they weren't allowed. She said she wasn't to touch my penis with her hands but promised I'd get off.

We agreed on a price and went back to the door man to pay. I was then led to an area where it was really a room with with walls made of cloth. There was a pallet of sheets and blankets in the corner and a small table. She told me to get ready and then left the room.

I was so nervous I was reluctant to undress. When she returned she told me I should have been nude on the pallet. I undressed and lay down. She was wearing only a pair of panties. She was a rather cute girl with a decent body and larger than average tits. She started doing a bump and grind against me and she was on top massaging my penis with her ass. I rubbed her butt in front of me, taking the whole experience in. She next applied baby oil to my penis and tried wrapping it with her breasts as she moved up and down titty humping me. I wasn't getting close to finishing and she mentioned one other method. She oiled my penis more and placed a couple of paper towels between her legs at her panties. She was lying flat on her back with legs squeezed tight together. She told me to mount her pressing my penis between her thighs just below her vagina. I humped her hard this way for maybe just over a minute finally blasting my cum all over her inner thighs.

She cleaned us both up as I dressed. I kissed her cheek telling her I'd enjoyed it. I met my friends at the entrance with them ready to go. On the way home they both said they'd gotten off one way or another. Of course I told them I'd got off as well. The night I marked as a very memorable experience.



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