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Pay Me

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First let me start like everyone else does , by saying that I just love most of the stories on this site and have had many a good wank reading the posts keep them cumming lads :)
Anyway lets get started..this all happened when I was around hmmmm maybe 10 until about 14 years of age and my best buddy who would have been the same age as me.
His name was Martin (real name just in case he's reading and wants some more fun times :)
Me and Martin would always hang around together all day every day ..i guess 'cause we both had the same sort of depraved sense of humor, we would always be daring each other to do some real stupid stuff ..well it wasn't stupid at the time just bloody great fun.
He the same as me came from a broken family-- just him and his mum , me and my bro (4 years old than me) and mum..we were lucky as mum was in full time work and brought a good wage home , so we didn't really miss out on much.
But Martin's mum was always broke as she was only on state hand outs.
So martin never had any money ...and was always trying to scrounge some from anywhere.
On Friday he came around as usual after school. I was just on my way out to the shops to spend my pocket money on some rubbish. As we were walking to the shops Martin asked if he could borrow some money from me untill next week . I said no problem as he was my best mate..but said I really do need it back next week ..
Anyway next week came and went so did a few more weeks ..untill one day I kept asking him for my money..but he said 'I don't have it' ..he said 'if you want any of my toys instead of the money I could...but I said 'no' ..
Then he says 'I'll teach you something instead of the money'..so I said 'sure go for it'..so he took me down to our den in the woods by some little stream.
Once inside I said 'what you got to teach me then'..well I was gobsmacked at what he did next..he just dropped his shorts and pants ( y-fronts..lol ) well I had seen him naked many times but this time his cock was rock hard ...he then said watch me..he got hold of his cock and started to rub it up and down ..I moved closer so I could get a good look at what he was doing. I remember thinking how nice it looked hard ..it looked so smooth no hair and his balls looked liked a couple of grapes.
Well by now I was getting hard down there as well ....my little cock was tingling all over ...
By now he was really going at it he was breathing hard and fast making noises like hmmmmm yeahhhhhh
I was getting really turned on by this ..and I guess he must have guessed I was horny 'cause he said 'why don't you try it'..so I dropped my shorts and pants as well....(and yes I had y-fronts on too ) and let my little boner spring out ...it was about the same size as his about 3' fully hard. We were both uncut and had no body hair at all well we was only 10-11 at the time. So I started to rub my cock in the same way as he was...i must have been doing something wrong 'cause he said 'like this' and shoved my hand out the way and grabbed my tingling cock ..and started to wank me ...boy it felt so good every now and then he would stop and spit in his hand then carry on. I let him carry on with that for a while ..then I wanted to do the same as he was doing to me ..so I reached out and took hold of his cock and started to wank him ...I was also spitting in my hand so it was slippery and wet ..which I guess he liked 'cause every time I did that he would let out some nice little groans...and after while I said 'I really have to go to go for a piss'..he said 'no just let it out' ..so he just carried on with it and I was starting to buck my hips in time with his jacking and must have lost control of my body. I said 'I am going to pee now' He was wanking me faster and faster now . and then it happened. I pissed..well I thought I had but there was nothing there...but it felt so good what had just happened wow...he asked how I was ...and I said dude that felt so good..yeah it does he says, its called a orgasm ..anyway I did the same for him jacked him faster and faster untill he came...he the same as me was bucking his hips in time with my jacking him, the look on his face when he came was just pure joy.....
Well there we were. 2 naked 10-11 year olds laying in our den all drained with a silly grin on our face.
And he says 'there I have payed you back what I owe you.'
And boy did he pay me...
So when ever I wanted more I would say to him PAY ME and we would go somewhere and I would get payed and over the years I got payed hundreds of times and things get a lot more heated aswell ...
Hope you liked my first edition lots more to follow if you want it....LOTS :)



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