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Paul and I

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A true story from a few years back.


Paul and I met in our early thirties at the job. He was married, from Long Island and had one of those mesomorphic bodies honed by high school wrestling. Handsome in his own way. We'd get an hour break for second shift dinner and several times we'd go to a dive joint nearby for a burger. He was friendly and I was delighted as I don't as a rule have a lot of friends.

He started suggesting doing stuff on our off days so soon we were finding swimming areas that were remote. We'd take his jeep and go driving on rough terrain. He was definitely more outdoors than I. We hiked far down a trail that ran alongside a large creek from afternoon till dark. He said he knew a good swimming hole so when we got there we shucked off our sweaty clothes and went swimming in naked.

This was nothing new. A college roommate and other college friends both male and female and I did it all the time. We swam a while them pulled up on a large flat rock. Still naked he asked if I wanted a massage. The only thing I thought was yes. I layed on my stomach and he started at my neck and worked down my back. He made no prudish effort to avoid my buttocks or inner thigh. His touch was at times soft other times more firm. My cock was laying flat againt my abdomen and rock. His thumbs grazed my balls. He was so slow and gentle, even tender. My dick hardened into a stiff erection. Somehow I wasn't concerned. When he said turn over I didn't hesitate. He looked at my hard on and said. 'guess that felt pretty good' and smirked. 'yes it does,' I responded. It felt good having him straddle me and massage my front from top to bottom again. When he got to my swollen cock he worldessly began gently massaging the shaft. Then he wrapped his fist around it and began pumping up and down. His soft touch was maddening. I could see that his dick was hard, what an amazing experience. I was leaking precum like crazy and he used it to torque my cock. He then squeezed some of the clear liquid and rubbed it all over my ball sack. It was incredible being in a remote spot outdoors, under the moonlight and having a guy I trust making me feel so blissful and sexually excited at the same time. He kept jerking me off till I was ready to blow.

At that point he stopped said 'go ahead, finish it off'. As I began jacking myself off, he got on his knees and sitting on his feet he grabbed his own wood and started beating off, as well.

I was closer to cumming so it didn't take me long to ejaculate a huge amount of cum on my stomach. Then I scootched close and began rubbing his legs and butt cheeks as he continued fisting his hardon. In this position his thick warm spunk would shoot out on my belly, mixing with the pool of my own jizz, now dripping down my side.

When the time came, he closed his eyes, leaned his head slightly back and a stream of cum shot out, some shooting over me to the rock then he aimed down to shoot the warm thick jism on my abdomen. Needless to say it was a phenominal feeling that left us both silent and breathless. I've never felt the need to clean up cum after I jerk off, so I rubbed it all over my chest then onto his hairy leg and the dark blonde mat of hair on his chest.

We both continued to explore each other's cock, balls, and nipples. There wasn't a tinge of embarrassment  or regret when we came down from the euphoria of cumming with each other. I never regret jerking off. Why should one? We both went for a dip again to clean up. He washed the jizz off my chest and balls and I returned the favor. We swam a bit more then dried off and redressed. It was a long silent hike back to his jeep. I rested my arm across the top of the seat and he layed his on top of mine as he drove me home. As I was getting out I told him, 'I owe YOU a massage now.' he chuckled snd said, 'Yep. I'll hold you to that.'   



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