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Patriotic Medical Procedure

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This is actually more my wife's story, but she would never repeat it anywhere, and since she has told me her parts of it in great detail at my urging, I thought your readers would appreciate hearing it. To start with, Susan and I are in our mid-fifties. We are not particularly attractive people. Susan looks all of her years, has greying brown hair, and is fairly roly-poly. But she is a very funny, smart and loving person. I love her with all my heart, and she still turns me on.

About a year ago, my 19-year-old nephew, Sean, was stationed in Iraq, when he badly burned both his hands and one of his forearms attempting to rescue a fellow soldier after a roadside bomb had exploded. About a month after his heroics, he was transferred from Germany to the local military hospital near his home for more treatment. Susan and I visited him the day after he had arrived. He looked fine, except for his hands, which were wrapped in gauze, following some minor skin grafting. He was such a great kid, staying completely upbeat in spite of his malady. He is the type of kid who makes me very proud to be an American. We caught each other up on family news and so forth, and generally gushed over him and his heroics. Eventually, his mom and dad (my little brother) joined us, and we had a very nice visit.

A couple of weeks later, he was released from the hospital to his parents' house, where he moved back into his bedroom. Because both his parents still worked, I stopped by a few days later for a visit to see how he was doing and find out if there was anything we could do for him. He was still in great spirits, and eager to return to duty as soon as he had healed. I kidded him about how being a war hero, he must not want to leave his lady friends to go back. That's when he kind of surprised me by sheepishly admitting that all the girls he used to know had left for college, and he was kind of lonely in that regard. But then he went even further by joking how he couldn't even have sex with himself if he wanted because of the bandages and pressure gloves he had to wear.

I didn't really know what to say, other than to kind of grin and nod my head with understanding of the problem. At the end of our visit, I asked if there was anything Susan and I could do for him. He said nothing he could think of, and then jokingly said, 'Unless you could send a lady friend to help me out with my problem.' We both laughed and I went on my way.

That night at dinner Susan asked about my visit with Sean. I gave her a general run down of the visit, and then confided what Sean had said about his 'problem.' She giggled, and after we had talked about some other things, she came back to that topic, asking me what happened to guys who couldn't have sex. I said he was probably constantly horny to the point where he would be aroused many times throughout the day, with kind of a dull ache in his balls, but nothing truly painful. More of an overall feeling of agitation and frustration, but that I really hadn't gone for more than a week without coming, so I didn't know for sure.

The next night when I came home from dinner, Susan seemed to avoid me for a while, and then seemed somewhat distant and wouldn't look me in the eye when we ate. After dinner we were watching TV, and I asked her if there was anything wrong. She hesitated a moment, turned off the TV, and then said that there was something that she had to tell me, and she began crying. I asked what was wrong, and she told me that she had done something terrible, and she would understand if I never forgave her. After a few minutes she pulled herself together, and told me the following story:

She had dropped by on Sean in the morning. They had been having a pleasant visit and she was about to leave when she asked Sean if there was anything she could do for him. He made a joke about finding him a girlfriend, and Susan said she wished she could. She confided in him that she and I had discussed his 'problem,' and said that she was sorry that a fine boy who had heroically served his country was left in such discomfort. She asked how long it had been since he had had relief. He said it was about two months, and he started crying. She held him for a moment, and told him that if she wasn't old, fat and married she would be honored to help him feel better. He responded by thanking her, and said he appreciated her kind words. She gave him a kiss on his forehead and started to leave. But when she got to the door, she stopped and turned around, deciding that there was one reasonable thing she could do to help him.

She told him that it just wasn't right for him to be left feeling so uncomfortable, so if he promised not to tell anyone, she could masturbate him, but only as if it were a medical treatment. There would be no sexy talk. No kissing or other touching. She would remain clothed, and it would be a one time only thing. He was stunned by her offer, but then readily agreed. She then went to the bathroom, found some baby oil and a hand towel and went back to Sean's room, where Sean was lying on his bed with only his shorts on. He told her that she didn't need to do it if she didn't really want to, and she reminded him that they weren't having sex, and that she would consider it a medical treatment and he should too. (But she later confided in me that she was scared to death, because she felt she really was cheating on me, and this was her nephew after all. She described it as feeling kind of shaky and flushed at the same time.)

She then told him they may as well get started, so he got off the bed and struggled to pull his shorts and underwear down while she helped. The next thing she knew, she was looking directly at his very erect penis standing at full attention about six inches from her face. She directed him to lie down on the bed and then pulled a chair up to the side of the bed. Then she poured some oil in her hands, took a deep breath, and took his penis in her hands. She said he was not very big, about five or six inches and average thickness, but that it was harder than she had ever experienced. Now I know that my wife knows how to give a great hand job, but she still asked him if she was doing it right for him. He asked her to please go very slowly because the longer his orgasm built up, the more complete it would be. That made sense, so she obliged him by slowly caressing his erection, switching hands often, gently squeezing his balls, running her nails slowly on his balls and erection, and sometimes just the tip of one finger around the head, as his purple erection throbbed before her.

She admitted to enjoying this activity, as she would gaze into his eyes and then at his penis while pleasuring him. She said he also watched the proceedings very intently, taking it all in. After about 25 minutes she could see and feel the signs of inevitable orgasm approaching, regardless of how slowly or lightly she caressed him, so she held his penis at the base with her left hand, and began quickly and firmly jacking him off with her right. Although she had been expecting a strong ejaculation, nothing could have prepared her for what happened. His first spurt jetted high over his head and hit the headboard of the bed in a big splotch, which began running down the headboard. The second also looped high in the air landing in his hair and on his right ear; the third on his neck; the forth and fifth on his chest; and the rest around his stomach and penis and onto her hands, as she continued jacking him until there were no more contractions. She counted no fewer than eleven spurts. She said she had never seen so much cum in her life. Sean was completely soaked. He then seemed almost to drop in a coma, shuddering intermittently for a few minutes, while she continued to hold his penis in her cum-drenched hand as it slowly deflated.

Finally, he opened his eyes, smiled, and said thank you. She smiled at him, gave his penis a pat, and said it was no problem and that she assumed he was feeling better. He agreed that he was feeling much better, and promised that he would never tell anyone of her kindness that day. She said it took two hand towels to clean him up. By the time she was finished cleaning him up, however, he had another very firm erection, so she offered to help him one more time so he could have complete relief. This time she jacked him off firmly and quickly, and he came after about three minutes, with these ejaculations dribbling over her hand. So she cleaned him and her hands up again, and after dropping the towels in the washing machine, she reminded him that this was a one-time thing; that they should never speak of it again; that it was not sex, but a medical treatment; and that he would soon have his pick of pretty young ladies to have real sex with. Then she helped him back into his shorts, gave him a kiss on the forehead, and left.

Much of the time she was telling me the story, I was looking at her very soft, smooth, sexy hands, with bright red finger nails. It may have not been sex, but I knew he had felt great pleasure at the skilled hands of my wife. Oddly, instead of feeling mad or jealous, I was both extremely turned on and also in complete agreement that she had done the right thing for my brave young nephew, especially in the way she had presented it to him as a one-time medical treatment. When I told her not to feel so bad about it, and that I didn't see that she had done anything wrong for me to forgive, she was so relieved and happy you would have thought I was the hero. I went so far as to tell her I thought she simply performed her patriotic duty, which made her laugh and broke all the tension between us.

Needless to say, we made love big time that night, and have made her go over every detail a few times when she has given me hand jobs. She still blushes when she tells the story. When I asked her whether she was tempted to go further with him, she told me that although he was very athletic, handsome and sexy, she would never want to suck a man with that much cum, and she would never let another man fuck her. So the hand job was as far as she wanted to go. She did admit to being aroused during and after the hand job, and I benefited from that passion later that night.

Sean has fully recovered, but has not been reassigned to Iraq. Neither he nor Susan has ever discussed his 'medical treatment' since it was administered, and he now has a full time girlfriend. Now when I want a hand job, I tell Susan I need a 'medical treatment,' which always gets a good laugh.



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