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Passion for Masturbation

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I was a late starter as far as masturbation is concerned-I first gave myself an orgasm when I was something like 18 years old, and for a couple of years after that I probably masturbated only about once or twice a week. Then when I was not quite 21 and a university student at a town quite a long way from home I got a new boyfriend, Pete, who was very keen on masturbation and encouraged me to indulge myself more regularly. He lent me a few of his favourite sexy books and it gave me a great thrill to bring myself off to the pages that they fell open to, knowing that he had also wanked away to the same parts of the story.

At this stage we hadn't masturbated together, but then he got me a vibrator for my 21st birthday and that was when my enthusiasm for wanking really got going. I spent my birthday at my parents' house and he had given me the present a couple of days previously with an admonition to open it in private-so I did have an inkling of what it was likely to turn out to be.

I opened the present when I retired to bed that evening, having carefully checked that my bedroom door was closed first, and you can only imagine how wet my pussy was as I stripped off my clothes and slid into bed with my first vibe. I turned it on slowly at first because I was scared that the noise might travel, but I was pretty sure after I heard it that it wouldn't be audible outside my room. So that night I gave myself a good few delicious orgasms and as a result became a passionate masturbator from that moment on.

When I spoke to Pete the next day on the phone, his first question was, not surprisingly 'So, how did it go with my present then?'. As I described the scene and what transpired I found myself getting very turned on, and couldn't resist putting a hand down my trousers and gently toying with my clit as we talked. Pretty soon he also told me that my description was getting him turned on and I confessed to him that I was already playing with myself while we were talking, so we ended up masturbating together while I told him the rest of the story. This ended for me in a fantastic orgasm, and after Pete told me that he had come as well at his end of the phone, he extracted a promise from me that I would give him a graphic demonstration of how I used the vibe when we were next alone together.

It was a few days after that before I left home again for Uni, and I think it was the prolonged anticipation of the demonstration I was going to give Pete that was the origin of my lifelong passion for masturbating in front of and along with other people. Every evening until I left we spoke on the phone and a major part of every call consisted of us relating the previous night's masturbatory experiences to the other, and talking about how I was going to show him what I did when we got together next. After those calls I was always extremely aroused, and couldn't wait to get into bed, where I would wank away with my vibe with great pleasure until I was exhausted and fell into a deep and satisfied sleep.

So you can imagine how I became more and more turned on during the train ride back to Uni. At one point I became so shivery and excited at the thought of what was coming that I had to find a quiet area at the end of the carriage and stroke myself quickly to an orgasm, keeping as quiet as I could when I came. Afterwards I was very embarrassed, sure that everyone on the train would know what I had done, but the lack of any stares eventually convinced me that I had been sufficiently discrete to have got away with it.

Pete met me from the train and we didn't need to say much when we met to know that we both had only one thing on our minds. As he hugged me I could feel his cock (highly aroused) pressing hard into my groin, which certainly didn't help to calm me down. We hurried back to his room, which luckily was only a few minutes from the train station, and as we got in the door we both started stripping off our clothes. My pants were absolutely sopping wet and the smell of my arousal was a real additional turn-on to us both. As we dived onto his bed I dipped my fingers in my pussy and brought them up to Pete's nose. 'Guess what I did on the train?', I asked him. 'Do I have to guess, you sexy bitch, or do I already know?' he replied, before kissing me deeply and passionately. As we were kissing, my hand quickly found its way to my pussy where I felt Pete's hand already stroking away at his cock, and then we were kissing and playing with ourselves at the same time.

Breaking from the kiss, I rolled onto my back and carried on wanking away in front of him, for the first time ever in full and brazen view of another person. I loved it, and I also loved the way that Pete was watching me so intently while his hand was working slowly but insistently away at his cock. Then I asked him to get me my vibrator from its hiding place at the bottom of my case, and he quickly opened the case, found it, and handed it to me. It felt so deliciously naughty to take it from him, switch it on, and start playing with it while he watched me.

I was so incredibly turned on by this point that I had an orgasm almost straight away, quickly followed by another one within a few seconds. This stimulation was more than Pete could take (not suprisingly!) and with a groan he spurted stream after stream of lovely cum all over my tummy and breasts. I found the sight of this immensely exciting, so much that it almost made me come again. Then he collapsed down alongside me on the bed, holding me tightly to him. At that we fell deeply asleep in each other's arms.

When we woke we kissed and hugged for a while and agreed with each other that what had just happened was the most erotic thing that we had ever experienced. We rolled over on to our backs and started gently playing with ourselves again while we talked about masturbation and sex in general. After a short while I knew that I had to come again. This time I pushed the vibrator inside my pussy without switching it on and delighted in the feeling of being full up while I frigged away at my clit. Pete was lying on his side, stroking away at his cock while he watched me give myself another orgasm. When I had come (very strongly again I might add!), he rolled straight on top of me, thrust a few times on my thigh, and then came almost instantly.

That was the end of that first delicious session, but we repeated the pleasures of masturbating together many times after that. It was a real turn-on for me, and the anticipation of wanking in front of Pete always got me highly stimulated over the hours before we were going to see each other. I got really hooked on the naughtiness of it all, and to this day masturbating in front of another person is by far my greatest thrill. As time went on we also started to watch sexy videos together during some of our masturbation sessions, slowly stroking away and keeping ourselves 'on the boil' for hours before we finally let go and had our orgasms.

Not all my subsequent boyfriends have shared this passion, and so with some I have kept my love of masturbation (and my continued practice of it!) secret after the initial attempts to share it haven't gone anywhere. But without question the most passionate relationships have been the ones where the passion is shared and I feel really sorry for other people who don't know the delicious thrill of wanking in front of someone else, and watching someone else bring themselves off in front of (or preferably over) you.



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