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Passing the Torch

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I've a younger brother who I've been noticing is being more sexually active. When at work and coming home to find porn sites on my laptop that I haven't been to, a pantie or two missing from my dirty laundry every once in a while, even him staring when I'm in a bikini. I never said anything because he wasn't hurting anyone or anything but I took a look into the porn sites and what he typed into the search bars. Come to find he was looking at the "how to's" At first I was surprised but the more I thought about it the more it made I realized he's lost. Our father no longer here which left my mother and I and him the only boy in the house he had no one to turn to. I know my mother hasn't had the "talk" with him, I felt somewhat responsible. I wanted to help him but didn't know how to. I mean we've grown apart over the years (he's four years younger than I) so I was sad and confused but I left it. Then just recently I was chatting with a certain person on ST about teaching younger people on how to pleasure themselves and others as a "Passing the torch" type thing and the person encouraged me to help him and teach him. Show him the ropes. So I decided to do it. I was going to help my brother masturbate and show him around a girl body as well. I was nervous and excited. So last weekend I invited him to go on a camping/surfing trip that would run through part of Friday and all of Saturday and home by Sunday.


Friday morning I got up and went down stairs to find mom cooking breakfast "Morning mom." She turns and smiles "Morning sweetie! What are your plans for today?" Taking a bit of toast "After work I was going to see if Eli wanted to go on a surfing/camping trip. If that's okay with you, we would be gone today and Saturday and be back Sunday." With an enthusiastic expression "Yeah that would be great! That would give you two some time to catch up!" I smile and continue to eat when Eli walks in "Morning bro!" He looks up in a haze "Morning sis." He stumbles to his chair and starts to eat. Giving him some time to wake I asked if he would like to go on the trip after school. He said sure, wasn't enthused but not dreading the idea more confused then anything.

I picked him up after school, we packed enough supplies to last us two days but still be able to carry it all in our backpacks so we can get to my secret spot. Arriving at the beach mid afternoon I told him to grab his stuff and board and follow me. After some walking "Hey Emma where are we going? There's plenty of beach right here." I look back and smile "Just wait and follow me" He lets out a sigh of displeasure but an okay. He got even more confused when we went into the water but was speechless when we arrived at my secret location "Wow! This place is beautiful!" Smiling "Yup, no one knows it's here except me and now you so I need you to promise me that you'll keep this a secret along with everything else that happens on this trip." Winking at him he is completely oblivious as to what I mean but agrees not to tell a single person.

We set up camp close to the trees and had a fire going as it started getting late, we just chatted, nothing special or anything until we were about to go to sleep "Hey sis. You said keep everything a secret on this trip. What do you mean?" I smiled and kissed him on the forehead "You'll see tomorrow, now go to sleep okay?" He laid back down and went to sleep, it took me a little longer to fall a sleep cause I was nervous and excited as to what was going to come tomorrow.

Waking to the sounds of seagulls and a beautiful sunrise shining into my eyes I got up and started the fire again and made breakfast for the two of us. I had my back to him, I looked back and I noticed he worked himself out of his sleeping bag and I also noticed a pretty sizable tent in his shorts. He started waking up so I turned back around "morning sis, what's for breakfast?" I look back and he was sitting up with hie knees up hiding his morning wood "Why don't you come over and see." I said deviously smiling "Oh come on just tell me." I just giggled and a few minutes later he got up with his erection gone we sat, ate, and talked some more I asked if there were any girls he liked and he did but left it at that, so we went out on the ocean and surfed for a few.

Returning to shore, placing our boards in the sand "Hey sis can you hand me a towel?" We had none, he didn't know but I purposely for got them, I played it off like it was an accident "Well we don't have towels but I know a better way to dry off." He looked puzzled "How?" my hands lightly shaking like the first time I got naked outside I undid my top letting it fall to the sand letting my breasts fall out in front of him, I was instantly wet. He's reaction was what I expected, Shocked and in awe as to what he's seeing "Sis! what are you doing?" He covers his eyes, he's so cute and innocent, I undid my bottoms and letting them hit the sand. Standing there completely naked in front of my little brother I was super horny! He uncovers his eyes and they directly go to my pussy. His mouth drops a little and closes his eyes again "We shouldn't be naked out here." I laugh a little as he slowly moves his hands in front of his shorts. I move a little closer to him "I do this all the time, no one know's about this spot." He slowly opens his eyes, they run wild all over my body "Now remove yours" With a gulp and hesitation "I don't think I should" smiling "It's no different when we were younger we used to play naked together."

With that he slowly started to remove his shorts but stopped right before he would reveal his penis. It was killing me, I wanted to see how far he's developed so I placed my hands on his and helped him remove his shorts revealing a beautiful rock hard cock. Embarrassed he turned around "Eli it's okay, it's perfectly normal for you to be excited about this, here sit down with me." Grabbing his hand and he sat down with his knees up to hide his erect penis "Eli put your knees down you should be proud of what you have." He lowers his knees revealing his cock "You know why I wanted you you to come out on this trip?" Complete silent "I know you use my computer and panties for yourself pleasure." He looks at me in pure shock "I'm okay with it but looking at what you were it lead me to ask if you have any questions?" He was frozen but eventually shook his head yes "So you do have questions?" He muttered out a yeah "Like what?" I inquire "How exactly do I orgasm?"

Shocked at what I just heard "You've never had an orgasm?" He shook his head and all I could do was hold him in my arms. My breasts and erect nipples touching his body made him shiver and his cock bounce letting out a little pre cum "Okay, look at your penis. See that cleared fluid? That's pre cum which means you're super sexually aroused. Now I'm going to grab your penis and move my hand up and down. Eventually you'll feel a sensation in your testicles, just relax and let your body react to what's happening okay?" He looked at me in pure excitement and nodded his head. I tell him to lay back on the sand and to either close his eyes or keep them open, which ever helps him relax.

Keeping his eyes open and up at the sky, I lightly grasp his cock he takes a deep breath in, I can feel his hart beat through his cock, I slowly start moving my hand up and down his shaft from bottom to top of his head getting pre cum all over my hand he's breathing deeply as I start going faster, he starts to moan I get even faster "Tell me when you feel the sensation." He just moans I go faster and faster then slower. Watching his body react so naturally and purely was such a turn on! I start going faster again when he says he can feel the sensation. I go faster and lightly squeeze his testicles which threw him over the edge as he arched his back and grunted as his cock and balls started to convulse letting out eight beautiful spurts of cum going all over his belly, my hands, and the sand he was breathing heavily.

I continue to move my hand up and down his shaft and massaging his balls, both still contracting. I continued this till he went limp. After a few he looked right at me, leaped up and gave me a huge hug! "Sis that was amazing! Thank you so much!" I laugh " You're welcome but we're not done just yet. We're out here to you can learn and play." He pulled away and had the biggest grin on his face "Yes! Teach me more!" I was so happy to hear those words, I grabbed him by the arms "Before we continue, you can not say a word about what happens here! You understand?" He shakes his head in agreement "Okay, you ready to learn more?" With wide eyes and pure thrill "Yup!"

I sit him down and I sit in front of him with my legs crossed "Okay, first we're going to learn about breasts, also I'm not going to do anything you're going to do everything, okay?" He nods "Good, breasts are a sensitive part of the female body more particularly her nipples. Go ahead and caress my breasts and play with them and my nipples." His hands hesitantly move forward tell he touches my breasts and nipples which sent shivers throughout my body, squeezing, pulling, lightly pinching my nipples was having so much fun! He's eyes and hands exploring in curiosity and me enjoying his touch I explained to him what felt good and what didn't, he was a fast learner, near the end of him playing with my tits his cock was nice and firm again.

Removing his hands "Okay, lets now take a look at my vagina." Parting my legs I leaned back a little, his mouth drops "Sis why don;t you have hair down there?" I smile "I shave it, it feels better and looks better plus it's easier to keep clean." He gets a little closer "Okay see my outer lips those are called labia majora." I continue to explain my pussy to him, his eyes glued to to it I explained the importance of the clit and foreplay in a relationship "Now would you like to feel the inside of my vagina?"

Shaking his head in eagerness "Okay take two fingers and place them where I showed you but get them wet with my fluid." He takes his fingers and runs them all over my pussy collecting my juices on his fingers sending shivers all over my body, he slowly plunged two fingers into my pussy, biting my lip in pure pleasure "Wow that's amazing!" He smiles and I laugh and smile "Ready to bring me to an orgasm?" Grinning from ear to ear "Okay, rub my clit slowly at first gradually build up and when I tell you to put your fingers back in me and finger me until I tell you to pull them out." He places a finger on my clit and starts circling it slowly sending waves of pleasure throughout my body start lightly moving my hips up and down in motion of his finger on my clit. Getting faster I start to moan a little, he gets faster I moan more and move my hips faster, close to orgasm "Okay, finger me while you continue to circle my clit."

He dives two fingers into my pussy I let out a loud moan as he circled my clit and fingered me. He was a little on and off but he'll get better with practice. I started grinding my pussy against his fingers as I neared orgasm. He picked up on this and started to finger faster and harder, my orgasm ripped right through me as I shook and my pussy contracted around his fingers, he sat there in pure admiration of my body reacting to what he had done. I collapse and start laughing, he lays next to me and turns his head towards me "Thank you Emma, you've showed me more then I could ask for." He kisses my cheek "You're welcome Eli, and if you ever have any questions or want to masturbate with me at any time just ask okay?"

He smiles in agreement and grabs his cock and starts to stroke it, we both laugh and lay there till he cums again. We played with each other all day and all night and Sunday morning till it was time for us to go home. He and I have never been closer than ever before and he talks to me about everything now and if he has questions he asks. At first I didn't think this was going to be a good idea but I'm glad we did, he and I now have a special bond that I think every sibling should have. I hope you liked and weren't disgusted at what I've done and continue to do and if you would like to read more about his development and my teaching let me know and I'll continue writing. Hope you've enjoyed yourself!



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