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Party Time Fun

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A true story that still makes me cum remembering


I first met her, I'll call her Mary, we were at an annual pig roast party my buddy throws every year at his ranch. She lived at a neighboring ranch and was married at the time. When we were introduced, she was very shy. She had a very pretty face, but she was at least 50 to 75 pounds overweight. She was a big gal, I'd say close to six feet tall. She was dressed in a pair of baggy overalls and a tube top. Not that attractive a package at first glance.

This party my buddy throws is a rowdy event, with plenty of booze and loose behavior. Folks bring their campers and we party for three days. My wife always finds something else to do on the weekend since she doesn't believe in that kind of behavior. That first weekend Mary ended up crying on my shoulder while her husband carried on with other ladies in front of her. I'm not sure how I ended up being her confidante, but there she was. I was reassuring as I could be, but had to extricate myself from her presence several times when it just got too uncomfortable.

Fast forward to the next year; Mary had divorced her husband since he was running around on her and not being discrete about it at all. She had lost about 50 pounds and was proud of her new body. She was proudly shaking her ass and all the men and one of my friends, Pete was really giving her some attention. During one point in the party Pete says to me, 'Hey James, what do you think of Mary's ass?' right in front of her. I look at her now firm ass and say 'I really like what you have done with your ass, Mary' we were laughing and having a good time and she says 'you really can't appreciate it just by looking.' Pete grabbed her ass and says 'Oh yeah, you really need to feel it to fully appreciate it.' I followed suit and grabbed her ass with one hand.

Then Mary looks into my eyes and says 'you should try both of them.' I'm sometimes a little shy and slow to pickup on hints and sexual innuendo, especially coming from other ladies since I am married. But I couldn't pass up such an obvious invitation. I licked my lips and grabbed both of her now firm ass cheeks and pulled her into me. I felt her big boobs push into my chest; I pushed my now hardening cock into her crotch and kneaded her buttocks. 'mmmm' I said, 'these are fine ass cheeks' someone yelled 'get a room' and I released my grip and remembered I was a married man with my hands full of another woman's ass in a moderately public setting. Everyone had a good laugh and Mary discretely rubbed her hand across my crotch and said 'glad you liked them.' The weekend progressed and there was plenty of flashing of boobs, cocks, pussy and ass. I don't know what happened in folk's campers or tents at night, but nothing beyond flashing and groping for me.

It was the following year that heated up and the reason for writing this story. I hadn't seen Mary since the last party. Mary had brought two of her friends with her, both attractive 'cowgirl' type ladies in their mid 40's. We were having our usual good time when one of Mary's friends said loudly 'Hey Mary, I thought you said we would get to see some men's cock's' To that my buddy and my host Bill said 'Pete show her your cock.' Pete, without a seconds hesitation, dropped his britches to his ankles and stood there grinning with a can of beer in one hand and his pants around his ankles. Again laughter all around and these cowgirls hooted and hollered and said 'that's what we came here for!' Then Mary looked at me and said 'What about you James?' I innocently said 'What about me what?' Then Bill said 'James show the ladies your cock' I was nervous, but didn't want to seem prude so I looked at Mary, dropped my britches and raised my arms above my head and gave my hips a wiggle to shake my cock around. Again we all laughed and carried on with the party. We encouraged the ladies to flash their tits and they giggled and quickly flashed and covered up.

I little later Mary called me aside and asked if I'd like to go somewhere quiet, so we went into the tack room in the barn. Mary had lost even more weight in the previous year and her tight jeans showed a perfect firm ass that could have belonged to a 30 year old. I complimented her on her commitment to getting her body in shape and her new found confidence. She had come so far from the weeping, over-weight, insecure lady I had met two years ago. I found her confident personality as much a turn on as her firm body. I told her that she made me horny and she said 'good, I was hoping to see more of your cock tonight'

At that point it was late enough that folks were starting to turn in. we quickly and discretely made our way to my camper. Once there we were all over each other, quickly removing our clothes as we kissed and sucked each others tongues. Her boobs were huge, much larger than my wife's her hips were wide, but the work she had done was just as evident without her clothes on. I reached down to her hairy pussy and it was soaked! The hair was wet and her hot pussy lips were drenched. Nothing turns me on more than a wet cunt!

I still remember my first touch of a wet pussy and it still excites me as much as ever. She grabbed my hard cock and gave it a good squeeze. It was the first hand other than my own or my wife's that had touched my cock in over 25 years. Her hand was soft and hot. She squeezed my cock and moaned. We felt each other up and precum was pouring out of my cock. Her cunt continued to ooze her pussy juice. I could smell the heat of her sex and I wanted it inside. I pushed her onto the fold down bed of my camper, spread her legs and prepared to mount her. This is when she stopped me. She said 'Stop, you're married aren't you?' guilt flooded my conscience and I confirmed that I was. 'I don't want to be that woman that screws a married man' 'you're right' I told her. I realized what I was about to do, but my cock was wet and throbbing.

My balls were drawn up and ready to rock. I needed release. I said 'you masturbate don't you?' She shifted her gaze and then looked at me and said 'of course I do' I then asked 'I wouldn't consider it to be cheating if we each worked ourselves off, would you?' I could feel her heat up again and she excitedly said 'will you stroke your cock for me James? Will you squirt your cum for me? I want to watch you masturbate.'

'mmmm, yessss' I said. 'I am going to make my cock squirt for you. I am going to fuck my hand like it was your wet cunt. Fuck your wet cunt now for me Mary. Finger yourself hard and imagine my cock in you'

I could hear her hand slapping against her wet opening as she moaned my name. It was apparent that my dirty talk was turning her on. She encouraged me to stroke my cock and I urged her on fucking her pussy. I could smell her hot female cunt smell and it was intoxicating. 'I want you to cum on my face when you are ready' I told her. I could feel her orgasm nearing. I laid on my back and she straddled my face as she literally pounded two, then three fingers into her wet hole. Her legs tensed and she bucked her hips and moaned as she came. She had worked her pussy into a creamy, frothy mess and now dripped from her open cunt onto my face and came. I lapped at her juice on my face and marveled at the quantity of runny cunt juice she squeezed out. My wife is a squirter, but this was a thicker, creamier fluid. I loved the tart, musky sweetness of her cum.

This had brought me near the brink. I told her I was getting close and she knelt in front of me and swung her big tits at my cock and balls. As I stroked my cock she rubbed her tits on my balls and cock. She touched my cock and licked the wetness seeping from the slit. 'I'm ready' I moaned. She opened her mouth and pushed her engorged tits up. Her beautiful face, open mouth and hard pink nipples sent me over the edge. I shot spurt after spurt onto her face and tits, some entering into her open mouth. She made tasty smacking noises as she tasted my cum. She pushed the cum from her face into her mouth and licked up the cum that had landed on her tits. I hugged her and rubbed our chests together, hot wet and sticky. We repeated the same kind of loose hot masturbation the next night, but never again. My cock never went into her pussy, but really we did have hot messy uninhibited sex. I still jack off thinking of how she made herself cum for me, how wet her pussy got and how much she seemed to get off watching me do myself and talking dirty to her.

I got a little long winded, but thanks for the site. I read it now everyday. I love to hear how ladies get themselves off and always put myself in the position of an unseen observer for the F and FF stories and myself as the M in the FM stories. Keep sharing your stories. Mary if you by some astronomical odds happen to recognize yourself in this story, I'd love to read it from your perspective.



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