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Party Fantasy

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A fantasy that always helps me get there ...


I have a boyfriend who's quite into having sex with me, and he has an abnormally huge cock, but unfortunately I've never been able to get off without clitoral stimulation. Recently, we went out and bought a vibrator so I can get off, too ... which is nice, but my favorite way is still by myself.
The purchase of the vibrator opened new doors for me, particularly in the realm of fantasy. I love to imagine other girls using them ... especially the more hi-tech things that I've only seen in their packaging in sex shops or sometimes (when I'm really lucky) in porn. My favorite fantasy involves one of those sex toy 'Tupperware' style parties, which I've been invited to but never had the guts to attend. I never know anyone at my fantasy party; how I got there is never important. When I arrive, I am shy, and it's obvious to the other women there ... especially to one in particular, a beautiful girl with short, dark hair, dressed in a short black skirt and a revealing-but not slutty-black tank top. She's been checking out one of the toys, and wishes she could try before she buys. Because the issues of sanitation do not apply here, trying is a major part of the day. She grabs the toy-one that you place on a chair and sit on-and walks over to me. 'Ever seen one of these before,' she asks, and I haven't ... I tell her that I've never been to a party like this, and I'm not sure what to do. She grins. 'I'll show you,' she says, and she leads me into a bedroom down the hall.
As it turns out, it's her bedroom, and she throws these parties all the time. She's built up quite a collection of playthings, which are visible in a box next to her bed. She pulls up two chairs, facing one another. She instructs me to sit. On her chair, she places her new contraption. She pulls down her underwear. 'Now, I'm not sure what will happen with this,' she says, 'but hopefully it'll help you get in the mood.' She sits, and turns the thing on. Instantly, her face changes. 'Oh, FUCK yeah,' she says, smiling, and begins to moan softly. Suddenly, without warning, she convulses violently, her face taking on a look of incredulity and awe as she comes once, and then again, all the while letting out groans that porn stars should study. She tells me, breathless, 'I've never felt anything like it.'
Needless to say, I'm soaked at this point, and am on the verge of coming myself ... without a bit of physical stimulation. She stands up rather shakily. 'How do you like my party,' she asks. I smile. She motions for me to switch chairs.
I take off my jeans and underwear as she sits back and rubs her spent pussy. The toy is still vibrating, inviting. I lower myself onto it and feel weightless instantly as it fills me with its gentle throbbing ... and next thing I know I'm coming, and it won't stop ... over and over again I am wracked with convulsions until my knees are about to give way. I practically collapse from the chair, panting, and she stands over me, her hand gently rubbing her clit. Inhibitions shattered, I pull her down over my face and bring my tongue to her pussy slowly, and she gasps. I flicker over it faster and faster, deeper and deeper, until she is coming again and moaning with abandon. Her body trembles over me until it is over, and she slides down next to me, exhausted, and asks me my name.
By this point I've always had at least two, and I'm feeling up to it now. Hope it helps get you there, too!



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