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Part 3 - Feeling - Dressing the Part

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When my friend gave me her bra and panties, my feminine feelings got very intense!


Diana was still insecure about her looks, and actually I thought she could dress better. Her bras didn't do too much for her, and her clothes were dull. One night I enticed Diana to go through a Victoria's Secret catalogue, pretending it was just for fun, and the next day I ordered a couple of great uplift bras and sexy tops she'd liked and had them sent with a note that read: 'Perhaps you'll need some help putting these on-from a Secret Admirer.'
I'd almost forgotten it when I got to Diana's for dinner and she called me into her bedroom. She held up the package and said sternly, 'Is this from you?' I almost lied, but I said yes. She smiled, gave me a kiss on the cheek, and said, 'Thank you!' We had dinner, and I thought that was the end of it. In fact, I thought that I'd done something wrong, and felt very uncomfortable.
After dinner she went into the bedroom for a minute, then called out 'Come in here, I'm ready!' I went in and she was in some sexy red tight pants and nothing else, bare breasted and smiling, holding her new bra. 'I need some help.'
She stood passive and giggling, while I slipped the bra around her and began to clasp it. She stopped me. 'My breasts are droopy, they need attention,' she said. 'Kiss them.'
I was overwhelmed and my head began to spin. I'd fantasized about her nipple hundreds of times! I leaned over and kissed and sucked her breasts until they were red and tight. She said, 'Ok, that's enough, I want to go dancing'. We went out dancing, and had a fantastic time-Diana flirted with everyone (boys and girls) and was very happy.
When we got home, there was a moment of awkwardness-we could have ended up in bed. She gave me a kiss and said, 'Good night'. I was disappointed, but I went upstairs. In about five minutes, she knocked on the door in her robe. I opened, and she smiled and pulled open her robe to expose her breasts, 'Kiss them again, they miss you'. When they were totally hot and wet and taut, she said 'Thank you. I'll do the rest. You already have a girlfriend, but you're very dear. Here's a present for you.' She left, and I opened the box. Inside was her favorite black bra and panties, a pair of cut-offs that would fit me, and a note that read:
'I won't help you put these on, but I want you to enjoy them! Love, Diana.'
Wow! How did she know?? Oh, my god, I can't believe she gave these to me! Wow, cool, it's ok. Oh, wow, they're so soft! God, I dreamed about this! That night I didn't get much sleep, and I must have had a dozen orgasms. The next morning I was embarrassed see Diana, who knew my secret. She met me with a big smile and a hug, and I quickly relaxed. She asked if I had a good night. I said, 'Fantastic, thank you'. She smiled and gave me another hug. She said she liked the clothes, and that she had a pretty good night, too.
My fascination with her bra and panties lasted for about three weeks. After a sultry night in bed, I would shower in the mornings, and my body felt new, round, gentle and feminine. I thought about the day ahead, and wanted to take these new feelings with me. I slipped on Diana's black bra, and on some days her panties, too.
I went down to be with Diana while she dried her breasts from the shower, and put on her makeup, chose her panties, pushed her legs into pantyhose, in her bra, and pulled tampons from a drawer to put in her purse. I went through the day with my secret, Diana's bra to remind me that I, too, was soft and feminine and pretty when I would let myself be.
A couple of days later, Diana said she wanted to buy more new clothes, and so we went out to dinner and then shopping. Once home, Diana gave a fashion show, and of course the best parts were the clothes changes. Such bliss! We went out shopping three or four times. I felt so exhilarated walking into women's stores with my erotic friend and my hidden secret clothing next to my skin.
Of course, nobody could see because I also had on a sweater, but it gave me a big thrill. When we got home, I forgot about it and pulled off my sweater, and Diana spotted it immediately. Ooops!
I must have turned several shades of red. But Diana said it looked really sexy under my shirt, and she seemed to get turned on. I didn't quite understand, and was nervous, but she obviously enjoyed it, and so I relaxed. Diana had just bought a satin slip, and modeled it for me, then sat on my lap and briefly rubbed my nipples under my shirt. Then she pulled her breast from her slip, and slipped the nipple into my mouth. She got hotter and hotter, and her hand went between her legs and the wet, squishy sound joint the slurping of my mouth around her slippery nipple. She came, not too quietly, on my lap, and I was ready to cum but I couldn't. I was still embarrassed at being seen wearing her bra.
On one shopping trip, Diana bought some sexy men's briefs. I didn't understand, but then a day later she gave them to me and they smelled of her juices. After a while, I actually tired of the trill of wearing girl's things, and I settled into a quieter feeling of being soft and feminine. During the day I'd often think of Diana, and feel safe and comfortable and pretty just with her memory.
Eventually Diana decided to move back to her hometown and my girlfriend returned from Europe. We had a very conventional relationship (although we did have lots of foreplay in just our underwear) and I was too shy to tell her about my new experiences. We had sex very often, and so I didn't masturbate very much, either. My feminine feelings and fantasies again fell into the background.



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