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Parking Lot Fun

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I'm no prude, but I AM a very private person. If you had told me I would have done what I did last week in front of a PERFECT STRANGER, I would have said 'not in a million years!'. Here's what happened (I still do not believe it myself!)

I am 19, work at a convenience store and attend college full time. I just have no time for a boyfriend and even if I did have the time, I have always preferred to 'pleasure myself' anyway, and have been doing so since I was 12.

I went to the grocery store to pick up a few things for my Mom. I live at home, but help out with groceries,etc. As I was getting out of my car,I saw a regular customer from my job sitting in his car in front of the store. He has always been really friendly towards me at work and has never hit on me once, unlike many of the men who shop at my little mini-mart. I went over to his car to say Hi, and I saw him scrambling to get something from the seat next to him. When I got to his window, I looked in and he appeared to have a towel across his lap, and his knees were exposed. This seemed curious to me, but I just said Hi and how are you and went on into the store. As I shopped, I thought about what had just happened and concluded that Chuck (not real name) was naked under that towel and had been masturbating in his car! At first I was disgusted and a little shocked, but then I started to imagine him whacking off and decided to fantasize about him when I got home, and whack off on my own. I bought my groceries, started for my car, and saw that Chuck had moved his car to a space right beside my car. First I was a little scared, but then I wondered if I could get a glimpse of him naked. I was nervous, but my pussy was tingling as I approached his window again.

Hi again, I said, you still here?. The towel was still on his lap, and now his left hand was UNDER the towel! I could feel my pussy getting wet! He said he was waiting to see me again. I asked why and he said he thought I was beautiful and sexy and he just wanted to see me walk by again. I told him there was something I would like to see, too: what's under that towel? He said, what do you mean (afraid I think I was going to call the cops). I told him that if thinking about me was getting him hard, I wanted to see it. He asked me if I really wanted to see it, and I replied I was going to grab his towel if he didn't 'show me your dick'-my exact words. I don't think I had ever said the word 'dick' in mixed company before!

He removed the towel and grabbed his half-hard cock and shook it for me. It was about 6 inches long, at least 2 inches around, and very shiny and slick like he had baby oil or something all over it. He started to stroke it slowly while he looked right at me. My pussy was on fire! I was only a few inches away from the first man I had ever watched jack off. I suddenly realized we were in a VERY public place, and suggested we move our cars to the edge of the large parking lot where there was very little traffic. He said: you won't leave, will you? As a silent answer, I pulled up my mini and showed him my silky blue thong. I was shaking and I'm sure Chuck must have seen a wet spot on my panties.

We moved our cars so that his driver's door was right beside my driver's door. I told him to open his door half-way, and I did the same. I had a nice level view of his cock now. It was harder, longer and bigger around than when I had seen it just a minute before; at least 7 in. and as thick as a big polish sausage. Chuck wasn't even touching it now and it was moving on its own, throbbing with his heartbeat, I think. I was hornier than I had ever been in my life!! I slung my left leg out of the car, spreading my legs and allowing my skirt to ride all the way up to my waist. I had not shaved for a while and my pubes were visible around the edges of my thong. I loved showing myself to this man, right in a public place. I reached down and pulled my thong to the side, totally exposing my wet pussy.

'Do you think my pussy is sexy? Do you want to fuck my wet pussy? Do you want to jack off and come all over my hot fucking pussy?' I NEVER talk like that, but the nasty words were flowing out of my mouth the way my slick juices were flowing out of my vagina, like I had no control. I touched my swollen lips, already wet on the OUTSIDE (my outside lips NEVER get wet until I stick my finger in and bring out my juice and smear it around! I was SOOO fucking wet!!!) I went to touch my clit and it was already sticking out! I started to pinch my hard clit with thumb and middle finger as my other middle finger went halfway into my now sloppy-wet slit. We were watching each other intently now-him staring at my hairy, wet pussy; me watching his left hand slide up and down his greased meat. His was the first uncircumsised one I had ever seen up close and what a turn-on to see his dickhead disappear then instantly re-appear as he beat off faster and faster. I wanted that long thick hard dick so bad, but for now I would settle for my fingers in my oozing pussy and thumping my hard swollen clitirous. I put two fingers inside me while my other hand slapped at my clit. I could feel the waves coming; that feeling I usually got just before my first orgasm.

'Beat that fucking meat, baby! Tell me when you're ready to shoot.' I was fingerfucking myself so hard now, it was in rhythm to Chuck's almost violent masturbation. 'Faster, baby', I said, almost in a whisper. He turned towards me, sitting on the edge of his seat. Both our car doors were now wide open and we were facing directly in front of each other. He was positioned to come ON ME if his spunk could shoot that far!.

'Spread that pussy, baby. I'm cumming!'

Without even thinking about what I was doing. I did exactly what he was asking for. I hooked my thumbs on either side of my pussy and spread myself as wide as I could. His first stream hit my knee and leg. I think the second hit the pavement. The third hit directly on my clit and I started to spasm, jerking and cumming harder than I had since I first started masturbating. He kept on cumming, maybe 3 more hard spurts and then 2 or 3 smaller ones. I could see his dick going limp, but he kept on jerking, milking every drop out I guess. I think I had 4 orgasms, one after another, then some little minor ones immediately after that. I didn't want to stop either. I stuck my two fingers back inside my pussy, so tight now that I could barely get them in. Chuck kept stroking himself softly, watching me fuck myself again. Soon he was hard again and I was cumming again! Not as intense this time, but still a great orgasm.

I got out of my car, pulled my skirt down, stood up, grabbed his cock, and jerked him off until he came again, this time in my hand: the same hand that had just had 2 of my fingers inside me. I smelled and licked his cum off my hand; the taste as well as the mixture of his aromas and mine was intoxcicating. My knees were so weak! I sat back down in my car, took off my thong and threw it to him. It was dark now. I wished we could go just one more time, but I had to get home. I just said: See you at the store, tiger. Then went on home. I was sore, but came twice more before I went to sleep that night. Chuck has been in my workplace several times since, but seems more shy than before. We have not spoken of that night.

What should I do? He's probably close to twice my age, so a real boyfriend/girlfriend relationship is probably out of the question, but.......... what a magnificant cock! Should I go for a 'friends with benefits' kind of thing? Tell him I would like to jack-off with him again? Or just relish the memory and go on like it didn't happen? Anybody with advice, please respond. For now, I have my hand on my 'special place' and I am about to relive that night in my mind and hopefully have a few more mind-blowing 'O's!



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