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Parking Lot

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A great night.


After my senior year in high school, my friends and I would hang out every night. One late night we happened to be hanging out in a supermarket parking lot when we saw a car pull into a parking spot about 100 feet away from us. We looked over and saw it was a guy and a girl and didn't really think anything of it.

After about ten minutes we noticed the two were still in their car but now they were in the back seat. This happened to be a cold night so windows would fog up easily, and these windows were really fogged up. Being as this looked interesting, we decided to check out what was going on.

Much to our delight the girl appeared to be making love to the guy in the backseat. The four of us thought it was hilarious but it also turned me on. One of my friends went up and knocked on the window to scare them but they just kept going, I think they liked being watched. Anyway, after a while we decided to let them do their thing and we all went home, except for me.

I just went round the corner as if I was going home and came back. We live out in the country and there were no other cars around so I went back to watch. I walked over to the car to find that they had just finished up but I was shocked to find that it was two GIRLS instead of a guy and a girl! We had just assumed that it was a guy and a girl because we couldn't see well enough in there. By the time I got back they knew why I was there, rolling down their window to chat with me.

'I see you enjoyed the show' the driver said. Nervously, although I was intensely aroused, I said, 'Absolutely, is this something you guys do often?' 'Often enough,' the girl in the passenger seat said. 'Is that why you were watching us, because you don't get it often enough?' I stammered 'Well, I can never get enough.'

'Ever had two women before?' The girl in the driver's seat asked.

'I wish' was my reply, as that question aroused every muscle in my crotch. 'Well we've never had a man with us before and Amy needs to cum still' she said.

I couldn't believe this was happening and I tried to do anything I could not to screw it up so I muttered 'Well I could help you out with that if you need me to.' They jumped at the offer and before you know it both were in the back of my tahoe as I knocked down the back seats to make room for us.

Amy and Sara, as I found out, climbed in and pulled no punches.

Sara sat in the back left corner of the truck with her legs spread, skirt open, and panties pulled to the side. Amy and I cuddled for a bit outstrecheed in the back before she started to get dirty with me, asking 'Do you want me to jack your cock?' Amazed, I obliged as she unzipped my jeans and slid my boxers off, holding my cock and started rubbing away.

All this time Sara watched quietly, massaging her clit. While Amy was jacking my cock I noticed her panties were exposed, she was wearing a skirt as well. I decided to get crazy and began to rub her pussy through her panties, causing her to rub my cock even harder as Sara began to pant in the corner.

This went on for the greatest ten minutes of my life and then it got better.

Amy said 'Tell me when you are going to cum' So I said ok, and as I got close I told her. At that she took her hand off my cock as I ripped off her panties and was fingering her pussy hard. She pulled away from me, much to my surprise, and I wondered if something was wrong.

My doubts proved to be unwarranted as Sara and Amy began to undress each other as I watched. They kissed and played with each others bodies and once they were naked Amy turned to me and asked 'Are you ready?' All I could think of to say was 'Yeah' in a dumbstuck way.

Right then Amy began to jack me off again, softly at first and then harder, and harder until I screamed 'Oh God!!! I'm gonna cum!!!' At that instant I exploded on her hand and legs. It was an unbelieveable orgasm, one I will never forget, but the story still gets better.

I noticed then that Amy had turned to Sara and began making out with her as they both fingered each other! While they were kissing each other they both motioned me to come over and as I did, they each took one of my hands and had me finger both of them! They continued to kiss and then both gasped and moaned as I brought them to climax. They came at the same time and with reckless abandon. They pulled on each others hair and screamed in delight, saying 'Oh shit! I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMMINGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!'

It was unbelieveable and when it was over they just left, no phone number, thank you or anything. It was unreal, and something I will never forget.



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