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Parachute Pants

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This is an account of the first masturbatory encounter between me and a co-worker named Molly. This took place in California back in the 80's at a major record label.

Molly and I worked in different departments in a large office. We had a lot in common and would spend many hours talking about music, our relationships and life in general. I was a rocker with long hair who sported the garb of the times for the scene: tight jeans one day and multi-colored parachute pants the next. Oh ya, they look funny now but those parachute pants worked for me then! Molly was a few years younger than me (in her early twenties) and was a petite hottie with DD's and a sweet and innocent look. I'm getting a little chubby just thinking about how much she turned me on.

The day we first moved our relationship from friends to something more started out innocently. We talked about the songs of the day but moved quickly into a discussion about sex. She had been with the same guy for a while and was telling me that she liked sex with him but that she also really looked forward to her alone time. While she was describing how much she enjoyed masturbating I started to get really excited. It was a parachute pants day and that left plenty of room in there for my cock to grow without restriction. I was standing next to her cubicle with my lower body hidden and before long I had a full erection.

I told her that I was getting excited listening to her talk about masturbating and she revealed that she was getting pretty hot too. I blurted out that I had a full hard on and she looked pretty happy about getting me so turned on. I asked her if she was wet and she said that she was soaking! I told her that I sometimes lock the door of my office and take care of myself. I explained that the thrill of doing it in close proximity to so many people was really a turn on. Then she shocked me by asking if she could watch me! My heart was beating a mile a minute and my cock was literally throbbing with anticipation.

She followed me into my office and sat in the chair directly opposite my desk. I sat down and immediately removed the parachute pants and took hold of my cock and started to stroke it very slowly. She couldn't actually see me over the desk but I could tell she was excited by her silence and because her mouth was stuck in the open position. I asked her to join in but she said she wasn't sure if she wanted to go there. For some reason this kind of turned me on even more. I was incredibly turned on by her fully clothed body as I continued to stroke. Then she stood up so she could get a better look and took both hands and placed them on her boobs. This was a next level moment for me. Having her squeezing herself while watching me from just a few feet way was about all I could take. I started moving faster and was really enjoying the level of excitement I was in. She then asked if I was going to cum soon and said that she really wanted to see it shoot. I was pretty close but I was still hoping to get her involved so I told her that I needed a little something extra to get me over the edge. Without hesitation she unbuttoned her shirt and pulled the fabric aside revealing her white lace bra and beautiful breasts. Yes, I was still hoping to get her to masturbate with me but the site of her bra was all I could take. I leaned back and shot a long stream high into the air and onto my desk just missing her.

She smiled, giggled a little bit and proceeded to put her shirt back on. She said that she was incredibly turned on and thanked me for providing such a good show. I tried once more to get her to reciprocate but she said she would enjoy the vision at home alone later that night.

As I said, this was the first time we did anything like that together but it would not be the last. I'll write more later and hope you'll enjoy hearing about how we slowly escalated the encounters including getting her more involved.

To this day my most intense fantasies involve masturbating with Molly. I still jack off with her in my head on a regular basis even after 20+ years! Thanks Molly!



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