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Paperweights at College

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Back in the 60's, at the beginning of the so-called sexual revolution several buddies and I were in a brainstorming session of how to make some money. We were all terminally broke, as were our girl friends. Then somebody blurted out the idea of making paperweights in the form of a large erect penis and vulva with large erect clitoris and labia. One of the guys had made moulds and produced some moulded plaster items and knew how to do it. At that time you couldn't just go out and buy dildos or anything of the sort with any ease in that state. There were no adult toy stores I had ever heard of. Then we had THAT discussion, about who had a spectacularly large penis. One guy raised his hand at the same time his girlfriend pointed at him.

However, he wasn't about to strip and show us. The deal was we all had to strip and show our stuff and the girls would measure, just to keep it 'fair'. The girls insisted that there were going to be some games and contests afterwards, 'just for fun' as they put it, but unspecified at the time. The deal we worked out was that we would all strip and get our respective girlfriends all turned on with their parts as fully erect as possible. We found we had a problem. We all needed to be shaved. Again, the deal was we would all get shaved and measured by the girls and then we would all get to shave the girls, get them all turned on and judge which one(s) would make the best mold. Shaving for the first time for all of us was pretty messy. I shave all the time now and it's no problem. Back then it was a real problem. The single safety blades were a lot more prone to nicks and razor burn than the new five blade types and the electric trimmers pinched and the electric razors caused a lot of razor burn.

So one Friday night we had a shaving party. Don, who had self identified with the biggest penis turned out to be completely honest. He was a very tall large guy and his penis was built on the same immense scale. He was about nine inches long and had enough girth (not measured) to be almost unbelievable. None of the other three of us even came close. As it turned out his girl friend, who was more than six feet tall also had the largest labia and clitoris. After everybody was shaved they both insisted that everybody should make a couple of molds, just to keep it fair since we would all get to see everything including the activity to keep them erect during the impression taking, and that each of us would get a complete set of eight. We tried and failed several times as the impression material didn't harden as fast as we tended to soften. It turns out that each of us guys would watch the girls masturbating while one of the girls fondled our balls after we were very erect. It worked and we each made two satisfactory impressions. For the girls two of us kissed and sucked their nipples and the other two masturbated for them and they stayed erect for the required time. It turned out that we didn't finish until five am. We had to cast up plaster positives immediately as the impressions deteriorated pretty quickly and all crashed out for the rest of the night.

The next afternoon we started up the production line and made 50 of each model. Some we left white, others were painted a variety of natural colors and about half were painted in Day-glo colors at the height of the psychedelic era. In the end we repainted the plain colors to Day-glo in order to sell them. They were $15 each or the full set for $100. We did a second casting, went with even more psychedelic Day-glo designs and sold them to a variety of head shops. All sizes sold.

Our follow up party was the payoff the women insisted on. We guys had to have an ejaculation for distance event. Don won that one handily, by about six feet. Again, no one else even came close. The girls cheered us all on. Then we went for an 'orgasm chorus' with the ladies, trying to get them all 'singing' at the same time. We all got to pet each of the girls to orgasm and scored 'style' points etc. They got to return the favor. A great time was had by all The overall male and female winners of the sex games received a gilded set.



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