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Paperboy Adventures

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I LOVE the stories that have been submitted recently about women's underwear, exhibitionism, and voyeurism. I had several experiences as a young teen that turned me onto girls' underwear for life, and still to this day I enjoy the occasional wank with a nice silky pair of panties, a slip, or pantyhose.

The summer I was 14 I delivered newspapers in my neighborhood. I had about 30 customers, and it would generally take me an hour to pedal my bike up and down local streets in the late afternoon to make my deliveries. My favorite days were Friday, 'collection day.' Those days I would have to go up to each door and collect money for that week. I used to do pretty well with tips I would get, but a couple of times I got to see women in various stages of undress (although, unfortunately, never completely naked).

The first time was at Mrs. Troutman's house. She lived with her husband and had a small dog but no kids. She was friendly, but not overly so, and was a typical middle-age (late 40s) woman. She was not terribly attractive, but not ugly or fat, and she was always dressed in a nice blouse and slacks when I collected. This particular day I rang the doorbell, which immediately prompted the little yappy dog to bark (this always happened) and go nuts. Mrs. T. usually put the dog in the garage through a door right by the front door and then would open the door and pay me.

This time she didn't answer right away, so I waited a minute and rang the doorbell again (I was pretty sure she was home because her car was in the driveway). The dog kept yapping, and finally the door opened a crack, and Mrs. T. stuck her head around the door and asked me to wait a minute. The dog leapt forward against the storm door and caused it to begin to open; I was able to hold it closed with my foot, and as all this was going on Mrs. T. opened the front door to grab the mutt by its collar. It was then I noticed she was wearing a robe and was either changing when I rang or had just come out of the shower.

The dog was really frazzled and she had a hard time grabbing it and getting it in the garage. It probably took close to a full minute for her to do this, and the whole time she was bending over. Her robe was not closed very tightly, and my horny eyes were greeted with her bare breasts swaying back and forth: large, full, milky-white breasts with smallish pink nipples. I could see everything as she was bent over, straight down and into her robe. After she finally tossed the dog in the garage, she pulled the robe tight and opened the door and apologized; I could tell by how she clutched the robe and didn't look me in the eye that she realized she had given me quite a show. As soon as I got home, I ran straight to my room, locked my door, and whacked it like there was no tomorrow.

The next episode happened two weeks later, at the Kingman's house. They were also middle-age and had two kids: Tommy, who was 16, and Cathy, who was 18. Mrs. Kingman was usually home and was very friendly and they were a good 'customer.' This day the front door was open, so I knocked on the screen door, but there was no answer. I faintly heard music coming from in the house and I figured there was someone home, so I kept knocking. And knocking. And knocking. Finally I heard someone coming towards the front of the house, and it was Cathy (she was tall and lanky with big boobs and a nice ass - I had fantasized about her when jerking off before).

It was 4:30 in the afternoon, yet she was wearing only men's v-neck t-shirt that was very short on her legs. She looked very irritated and her face was flush. As she opened the screen door it was easy to see she wasn't wearing a bra as her nipples stood out prominently against her shirt. I tried not to stare (it was hard) and I told her I was collecting. She was pissed and told me to just wait; as she walked away I saw that the t-shirt didn't cover her ass completely and could see she was wearing pale blue panties. I watched as her ass swayed back and forth as she walked away, and I immediately got an erection. A few seconds later she came back, and I saw her tits bouncing under her shirt. She opened the door and shoved three dollars in my hand and then slammed the door behind her. I had no idea why she was pissed, but I had just gotten the thrill of my life. In hindsight I imagine she was probably in her room masturbating, and I interrupted her. Maybe that was wishful thinking, but it was the fuel for many masturbation sessions that summer (and beyond).

The third and final episode happened the Friday before Labor Day at the Henneman's house. Mrs. H. was a bit weird, kinda 'flirty' and spacy. She was very nice and all, but just, I don't know, weird. She was probably in her early 50s and lived alone in a really small house at the end of a cul-de-sac at the end of my route. She was plump with short brown curly hair, and I never thought of her in a sexual way (unlike the many other older women and girls my age I knew!). This Friday I rang the bell and she opened the door almost instantly, and my eyes almost bulged out of my head; she was wearing nothing but a tan bra and tan half-slip with white slippers.

She smiled and told me to come in and she would get my money. Of course seeing a real woman dressed like this caused me to pop a boner, but fortunately I had my paper bag to cover my front. I walked in and Mrs. H. was standing in the dining room, her back to me. She got up on her tiptoes to reach a jar on a higher shelf (where she kept the paper money) and I stared at her large round ass as it jiggled inside her slip. Once she got the money, she turned and walked towards me. Her breasts were huge (and kinda saggy) but her bra was thin and it was easy to make out her nipples underneath. As she handed me the money she said that she was sorry she wasn't dressed but she had just gotten home from work and was changing.

Then she laughed and said that I should consider it my 'extra tip' for the week. I did! Once again I made a beeline home and had a great masturbation session. This one I remember very clearly. Since my parents weren't home, I stripped down completely naked and used Jergen's lotion on my cock and I came so hard and so much I had to use a towel to clean all the come off my chest and stomach.

Those were my adventures as a paperboy. I wonder if anyone else had similar experiences. I would love to hear them!



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