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Panty Wanking With Older Cousin

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Hi. I'm Paul and this is a story of my wanking sessions with my older cousin, Tim.

I was 14 when it first started, and Tim was 18. I'd been wanking myself for just over two years, and couldn't get enough of it.

Tim had already had sex with a couple of girls and he was at my house one evening when my parents had gone out, when he asked me if I'd ever wanked with my sister or mums panties. I blushed and said no, when in fact I used to sniff and wank with my sisters regularly. I used my mums when I couldn't find my sisters!

Tim asked if it would be ok if he wanked with a pair. I asked if he meant that he would take a pair into the toilet with him. He said no, and he wanted to wank in my room in front of me! I told him that I didn't know, but Tim had a very persuasive manner about him, and I looked up to him.

He came back into my room with two pairs of dirty panties, one pair of my sisters, and a pair of my mums. My sister was 15 at the time, and my mum would've been 37. He told me that he wanted to sniff my mums first, then we could swap. I was thinking that he was winding me up when he pulled his tracksuit bottoms and pants down, and grabbed hold of his cock.

He put my mums dirty panties to his face, breathed in, and started stroking his cock. I just sat watching not quite believing what was happening. He looked at me and said, 'your mums cunt smells good. Get your cock Paul and smell your sisters '

I looked at Tim as he sniffed my mums panties, and he looked all flushed in the face, and his cock looked amazing. I'd never seen an erect cock, apart from my own, and it was big. We measured it at a later date, and it was eight inches long and very thick. I was embarrassed to get my five incher out. Tim stopped wanking and told me to stand up. As I stood he pulled my own tracksuit bottoms down and my very stiff cock popped out. Tim then took hold of my cock and started wanking me. I just froze! He gave me a few more strokes then let go, telling me to sniff my sisters panties. I put her panties to my nose and inhaled. I'd done it many times before but in this situation, her scent was even more intoxicating.

I watched Tim as he sniffed and sucked on my mums panties, as he pumped his wrist up and down his fat cock. I by this time, was pulling my own cock and licking the juices from my sisters panties.

Then things got better. Tim asked me if I would wank him with my sisters panties as he carried on smelling my mums. I didn't hesitate, and reached out and wrapped my sister Hannahs panties around his shaft. He told me it felt great as I started to rub up and down, and that he would spunk quickly. I just kept my eye on his cock as I wanked him. I was loving it. Better even than wanking myself.

Tim started to raise his hips and I knew he was close. He held my mums panties close to his face, and started to pump his cum into hannah's panties. His cock throbbed and pulsed as he shot and shot. I'd never seen so much cum.

He asked if I needed to cum now. I just nodded as he asked if I wanted to cum in Hannahs or my mums. I didn't fancy him wrapping my sisters cum soaked panties around my cock, so I just mumbled my mums. He put them over my dick and started wanking me hard. It must've only been five or six strokes and I emptied myself in my mums panties. It was my best wank ever.

We wanked each other many times over the years, and to this date in time, we still swap our wife's and daughters dirty panties and have a few wanks off each other a year. We have never done anything else together and I've never wanked another guy. Although I do meet other guys for mutual wank sessions with our wife's panties.



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