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Panty Swap

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Reading the September 12th submission about exchanging panties made me decide to share with you something that my brother in law and I have been doing for several years.

First off, we are married to twin sisters. Second, we are both avid panty sniffers. About ten years ago we were talking and he said something about my wife's ass and how good it looked. I commented about his wife's tits and how I would love to see those puppies. He then asked me if I had ever smelt his wife's panties and I admitted that I had. He said, 'Don't you think it's only fair that I get a shot at her twin sister's panties. So I gave him a pair of her dirty panties. A few days later he gave them back to me and they were crusty with dried cum. He also gave me a pair that belonged to his wife. Like him I returned them in a few days also filled with dried cum.

Things have progressed from there. We got together one night while our wives were out of town and watched porno and jacked off with dirty panties that we both got. We jacked off in front of each other. I don't know what it is but it is an extreme turn on to sit there smelling his wife's panties while jacking off and talking about how much I would love to fill her pussy with my hot cum.

The twins are extremely close so they go places together a lot. Usually things like visiting relatives or overnight shopping trips. Every chance we have we get together for a jack off session. We used to take polaroids of our wives and share them. After the digital cameras came along we now share lots of pictures. We have also set up the camcorders and made videos of each of us with our own wife. We now look at those rather than porno movies filled with folks we do not know.

A few minutes ago I pulled up a picture of his wife on the computer screen. One with her lying on her back, legs spread and holding her pussy lips open with two fingers. The picture was made at the exact right moment and I could see some of her juices coming out of the opening of her vagina. His wife has darker and more pussy hair and her pussy hair was glistening with her juice. Just to the side of that photo was another one he made just after they finished fucking and I could see cum running out of her vagina. After looking at those photos a while and getting a boner, I clicked on a video of my sister-in-law lying on her back in bed with her legs spread playing with her pussy. The video lasted a good 15 minutes and I timed my cum with her orgasm. I could hear her moaning and begging, 'Please fuck me hard.' Now, look at that video while smelling and licking a pair of her panties that he fingered her pussy in and brought her to three or four orgasms. The only way it could get any better is if I could finger her pussy and bring her to orgasm and see it in person. And that ain't going to happen.

I have videos and photos of my sister-in-law taking showers, peeing, masturbating, doing just about anything a woman can do.

We have talked about swapping but our wives put a stop to that a long time ago, so we do what we can. One thing that my brother-in-law does not know is what has happened recently with his wife. He once told me to feel free to try to get her to do anything she would do. He said, 'Just tell me all the details.'

About six months ago I rubbed up against her in the kitchen one night and I felt her beautiful ass. In the past she would always tell me to move my hand. This particular night she didn't say anything to me. She just looked at me and smiled. That was a signal to do it again. The next time I had the chance I put my hand on her crotch. Outside her jeans and panties of course. Again, she didn't object to what I was doing and smiled at me.

Then it progressed to the point that she will now let me play with her tits by putting my hand under her bra. Finally the other day I stopped by their house while he was out and I got my finger in her pussy and brought her to an orgasm. He may be doing the same thing with my wife but I don't think so. I have never thought my wife was as hot and horny as his wife is, but who knows. I don't know if I should tell him or just keep quiet. What I do know is his wife is so hot and horny and I have the hots for her so bad I don't know what to do. I licked my juicy fingers clean after I brought her off and her pussy juice is intoxicating.

My next move is to see if I can get her to jack me off. I will keep you posted.



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