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Panty Sniffer's Surprise

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I have had a fetish for panty sniffing since I discovered the pleasure first around the age of thirteen. This story happened much later.

I had separated from my first wife, so masturbation was a common and necessary occurrence. An old school friend with his wife and preteen daughter came to stay overnight as they were flying out the following morning to Greece on holiday and I lived near the airport. They drove down the one morning, a couple of hours drive and it was warm, and in the days before aircon was common in cars. After lunch they decided to go shopping for last minute holiday stuff. I elected to stay home as his wife was cute and I was hoping to find a nice pair of tasty panties I could make the most of.

After they'd gone I stripped off and walked into the bedroom they were all sharing and the first thing, lying on the floor where they'd been dropped were the daughter's panties still inside the little shorts she'd been wearing. I was faintly irritated at this untidiness and casually bent to pick them up and throw them on her bed, but I caught sight of a faint stain in the crotch showing where her little pussy crack had sat, and something made me raise them to my nose. What a heavenly smell! I was just totally blown away it was not at all what I expected, a combination of pee, sweet sweat and faintly, that indefinable female pussy smell. I could feel my cock rising and becoming very hard. As if that wasn't enough, there were Mum's soiled panties lying in the top of her case still with a damp, sticky area, a scent which made my cock even harder, and even a couple of long pubic hairs caught in the goo. She clearly did not shave! I rescued these hairs and kept them for years, a little keepsake. They were not very sexy, what you'd call big or sensible panties but they looked and smelled like heaven to me. Pausing just long enough to make sure I knew to put them back in the same place, I hastened to my bedroom clutching my treasures taking deep sniffs from each in turn.

I lay down and while I stroked myself teasingly slowly, sniffed and licked Mum's fragrant gusset making sure I got the full taste of her delightful cream. I could feel myself getting close so took my hand away from my cock and placed the panties on the bed, shuddering slightly as I came down from my high excitement level while I tried to prolong things, but I couldn't stop for too long and in no time I had wrapped Mum's panties round my cock, my purple head rubbing the damp area where I had licked and sucked her cream. Meanwhile I brought daughter's up to my nose and sniffed at the fragrant area where her little arse had sat while I licked the sweat and pee off the gusset. Within seconds, the sap started to rise and I could control myself no longer. I pumped and pumped and pumped into Mum's gusset until I was empty. One of the best wanks I have ever had.

I cleaned up Mum's gusset as best I could with some tissue, it was soaked, and put the panties back as I had found them. I placed daughter's back in her little shorts on the floor and casually kicked them under the bed hoping they'd be forgotten. No such luck. After they'd gone the following day I checked but they were gone!

They took me out to dinner that night and it was so erotic sitting chatting while all I could think about was the smell and taste of the intimate areas of both Mum and daughter. I had to rush off to the toilets to relieve myself at one point!

After that I never considered age a barrier to panty sniffing, young or old!



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