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Panty Party

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A few years ago we had friends who, at the time, had two attractive daughters, fifteen and eleven. From the first time we were at their house my nose was twitching and I desperately wanted to bury my face in the hordes of soiled panties from three females I knew had to exist somewhere in that house. This proved difficult though as I could not find the laundry hamper. Numerous trips to the toilet during various visits showed that the hamper was not kept in the family bathroom, nor was it kept downstairs in the utility room. Obviously it was too risky to start poking around in the various bedrooms so I was stymied.

All became clear when we were invited to a party for the man's fortieth. As people arrived they were taken upstairs to deposit their clothes/jackets etc on the bed in the main bedroom. The family bathroom was pointed out and if that was occupied we were to use the ensuite in the main bedroom! Was this the answer to the puzzle? I couldn't wait!

As soon as I saw someone break off and go upstairs I took my chance and followed. As I suspected the first person went into the family bathroom so losing no time, I dashed into the ensuite and locked the door. There it was! The Holy Grail! I prayed it would not be empty and shaking, lifted the lid of the laundry basket. I was not to be disappointed. Under the top layer was a pair of panties which could only belong to the older daughter. I lifted them up and opened them so I could see the gusset. It was thoroughly crusted with white deposit, I have never seen such a heavily soiled gusset, she must have been wearing them for days in a high state of sexual excitement. Unfortunately she was obviously not very good at wiping as there were shit deposits towards the back. This put me right off, I can take most things, even skid marks but shit is just too much for me. Dirty bitch! I thought, though the incongruity of my calling her a dirty bitch when here I was rooting through dirty laundry didn't go unmissed! However, I know what I am, so I discarded these for a minute and continued to search. Further down I found a thong which could only have belonged to the mother from the size, nicely stained and with a wonderful smell. So, no time to loose, I dropped my trousers and pants and clutched my erection. A thought struck me, I'll show the dirty bitch I thought, and placed the daughter's panties over my prick, carefully wrapping them so the shitty part was covered. The thong went over my head and off I went, the smell was exquisite and the salty taste added to the excitement and made my cock twitch. Knowing my cock head was touching the faintly scratchy secretions from the daughter's pussy pushed me over the top and I couldn't hold back any longer, I let out an involuntary groan. My cock started to jerk and the warm sperm came flooding out into the gusset of the panties, mingling with the pussy discharges already there, softening them to create a sticky mess.

I had already been some time, so I quickly wiped my cock and replaced the panties carefully in the basket. I figured even if anyone did notice the mess in the panty gusset, they wouldn't know who had caused it as the house was full of people!

I wasn't finished yet. As I was putting Mother's panties back, I caught sight of what turned out to be the younger daughter's panties, sweet little girlie pink with a teddy on the front. I couldn't stop myself and lifted them out to inspect the crotch. Wow! She was obviously maturing sexually, there was a yellowish crusty deposit in the gusset which smelled very good indeed! There was no time to investigate further, I wrapped them up as tightly as I could and pushed them deep into my trouser pocket. A treat for later! But that's another story!!



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