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Panty Madness

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Part experience, part query


Dear Solotouchers:

Sorry about the length...

Here it is, August 13, 2013. Two of today's stories feature panty-sniffing as an important part of the action;'Our Daughter in Law' and 'Cumming in the Loos at work whilst sniffing Knickers'. Do a search on solotouch.com using the term 'panties'. It's plain to see that this item of female attire is highly eroticized by both genders, along with shoes, bras, and nylons.

I've written here before about some of my panty-sniffing adventures. My situation is this; I am a landlord and I rent apartments primarily to college students. I live on-site and do the maintenance, cleaning, repairs and leasing chores required. I am generally nothing but courteous and professional in dealing with my tenants, many of whom are very attractive young ladies. I am especially respectful of the personal space of the tenants. If I am called in for a repair I keep my mind on the task at hand and if I see panties strewn about I do my best to ignore them and almost always have been successful in doing so.

Where things get a bit, should I say interesting? is when certain tenants have begun to flirt with and tease me. This does not happen too often, perhaps one in forty girls is a truly naughty wench. What I have noticed is that these particular girls seem to take special delight in using their panties to arouse. While I am strict about respecting the privacy of my tenants apartments, panties that are left in the laundry room, dropped on the stairs, etc, I consider pretty much fair game. Clean panties do not hold much interest for me and for used panties to appeal I must be attracted to the woman who scented them up.

Twice, I should add, and it could have been more, panty teasing developed into sexual contact. That, as people like to write here, is another story.

The situation at present is this: some new tenants moved in recently, female graduate students, mid-20's, seemingly quite intelligent and nice. In the backyard of the apartment complex there is a yard, some lawn furniture, a table. Sometimes the tenants grill and eat there. Soon after the arrival of these new tenants, I noticed one day a pair of used panties and dirty socks set out on a plastic chair in back. They sat there for a couple of days, I thought maybe they'd been forgotten? I gave into temptation and sniffed the panties, then threw them and the socks out. Soon after another pair of crusty panties appeared. The ones I'd thrown out were still in the waste can in the laundry room so I retrieved them and put them on the chair with the second pair. Yet another pair appeared. And another. It was a cornucopia of crusted panties! Then one day they were all gone.

A few days passed, then another pair appeared. These were really sexy: blue with metallic thread, small bikini style, and completely stiff in the crotch area. I swore I could see the contours of pussy lips in the fabric. Had the owner gotten them sweaty running in them? Along with the aroma of cunt there was a faint smell of mildew. Weird. As Oscar Wilde said: "I can resist anything but temptation." This pair were too hot. I pocketed them and later pressed them to my nose while jacking off and then filled the crotch with my cream, imagining the shaven twat and smooth, muscular ass of the student I suspected was leaving her panties out.

My thought was that once panties started disappearing, the owner of said panties would undoubtedly be creeped out and cease leaving them to dry at that location. The entire scenario, in fact, struck me as unusual. Most women, it has been my observation, are well aware of the erotic power in lingerie. Many are self-conscious about their cunt stains. Few women, it seems, would be so blithe as to leave their damp, marked-up panties to dry in a common area, but would hang them in their closet or on their hamper, right?

After I snatched and splooged up the blue panties, a couple more appeared. I took some striped panties and substituted the blue ones, even stiffer now than they'd been, in their stead. I cummed in the striped ones and added them to the pile. It rained and three pair of panties, two that I'd splattered, sat out there and got soaked. Early the morning the rain broke I gathered up the sopping panties and tossed them all in the garbage.

Honestly, I figured that any girl who'd lost three pair of panties, who must have noticed that they were coming and going, appearing and reappearing prior to that, would now definitely stop leaving them there. Right?

Two days later I came in after dark and walking by the same chair I saw a pair of purple Victoria's Secrets trimmed in lace draped over the arm. These I did not wait on, I just put them in my pocket and then proceeded to use and abuse them as I wished, and did not return them. The next day there appeared two pair of socks and a pair small size running shoe. I ignored them. The end of the panties, I thought. Smelly socks and shoes I have no interest in so no big deal.

Today: again on the chair arm, the same pair of Victoria's Secret panties as the purple ones, only in black! This time what I did was go to my apartment and fetch the purple ones, now quite blatantly cum-stained, and substitute them for the black pair. And so it stands.

What do you folks make of it?

Could this girl possibly be utterly oblivious?

Is she a naughty girl playing?

Is it reasonable to expect a sexy female runner would leave a selection of her damp and stiffened panties out to dry in the yard and unreasonable for me to get worked up over it?

Is she an alien being using her panties to introduce a mind-control virus into my brain via the olfactory nerve?

Other thoughts?



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