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Panty Heaven

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I am 20 and a junior in college. I have loved to jack off with silk panties since I was around 13 and my favorites are used panties that still have the musky smell of pussy in them. I often sniff one pair while I jack off into another pair. About 3 months ago I met my girlfriend Marissa in one of my classes. Marissa has alot of hangups about having intercourse but she loves for me to finger her and eat her pussy. She also likes to tease me and to jack me off. Although I still want to pop her cherry I have been respectful of her being a virgin. When Marissa really wants to turn me on she will wear no shorts and just panties around the apartment when she comes to see me. Marissa has the ultimate ass because her skinny waist makes her round ass cheeks all the more perfect. I like to come up behind Marissa and rub my raging hardon against her ass cheeks and she loves it too. In the last few weeks she has let me 'hump' her ass from behind as my throbbing cock slides right between her cheeks and rubs against her sexy silk panties. Just the sight of my cock rubbing against her makes me want to come. Marissa laughs and tells me how she likes to make me horny. Marissa has jacked me off up to four times in one day when she spent the weekend at my apartment. Even though she slept with me she still would not let me fuck her although being with her is reward enough. I also like to jack off in the panties Marissa leaves behind at my apartment and she knows this.
Last week Marissa bet me we could make each other come without either one of us touching my cock or her pussy. I was thrilled because I thought she was going to give me another 'hands off' blowjob which are sloppy and wonderful. Instead Marissa asked me to rub my cock against her panty covered pussy and ass until I spurted my load. Just hearing Marissa talk about my cock and how I spurted come got me hard. As Marissa laid back on the bed with no bra and a tight pair of white silk panties I got on top of her and started rubbing my hard cock against her hot twat. Even though she had her panties on if I got just the right angle I could push them into her pussy lips and just barely get my head into the opening between her legs. I started to rub her pussy with my fingers and she reminded me that neither one of us could touch the other or ourselves. Damn this girl is hot. I began to kiss her gently on the neck and this suck her nipples and she told me this was allowed as long as I didn't touch my cock or her pussy. Needless to say as I continued to suck on her pink perky nipples my cock got harder and harder and was pulling every way it could to get inside her panties. Marissa must have expected this as her panties were tight and gave me no openings. As I simulated fucking by rubbing back and forth on her panty covered pussy Marissa started to moan and I felt her come. She was hot and horny and I thought this would be the day she would let me fuck her. Instead though she insisted that we stick with the rules and my cock kept 'dry humping' her the best it could. Marissa agreed to roll over and as I saw her sexy ass up in the air just barely covered by those tight panites it was a sexy sight. First I licked and bit her through her panties from behind and her musky smell was intoxicating. Then I rubbed my big hard cock against her twat and I was soooooooooo close to sliding it into her wet pussy lips. Marissa reminded me that I had to stay with the rules but I wanted to pull her panties aside and slide my cock in her. I was excited yet I wanted to take it to the next level. As I continued to hump her I felt myself ready to come and I told her I was going to come all over her ass. At the last second Marissa turned around and laid down on the bed with her face right in front of my twitching cock. She told me to go ahead and jack off on her face and as my hand began to stroke my shaft I only lasted a few seconds until I began to shoot my hot white load all over her face and hair. My cock shot my come out like a pistol with many of my spurts landing in her beautiful hair and many more on her face and cheeks. Marissa smiled and told me she knew she could make me come and I told her she was the sexiest woman I have ever been with.



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