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Panty Deja Vu

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I have been visiting Solo Touch since 1997 and I have finally decided to submit my story which is completely true.


Since puberty I have enjoyed playing with panties. I love to see them, I love to smell them, and I love to wear them. The more colorful and girly they are, the better. This has always been a private thing for me and I have never shared it with anyone and I'm just fine with that. I would rather not be judged or ridiculed on my private fantasies.

I can remember the first pair of worn panties I ever acquired. I was visiting the home of a family friend who owned a large farm and they had a daughter about two years older than me at the time. I guess I was a freshman in high school. After a day playing and exploring the farm it was necessary to take a shower before dinner. While the two brothers had to shower together, the daughter and I got to take showers by ourselves. I let her go before me, not that I planned on anything at that moment, but it was the nice thing to do, plus I had a crush on her.

Julie yelled down the hall once she was finished with hers and the bathroom was free for me. Upon entering the bathroom I can still remember the smell. Julie must have spent a few minutes with some fragrant lotion before she exited as the bathroom smelled like a tropical drink. I remember getting aroused just thinking about the girly smells in there. They had a tall wicker hamper in their bathroom and I decided to have a look. Right on top was Julie's freshly worn panties. They were not still warm as you usually read on here, but they were slightly slimy and musky. They were a cute light green and cream colored cotton bikini pair with a thin silk or nylon ribbon woven into the top part, centering on a cute little satin flower and bow in the center.

I spent a few minutes smelling them and enjoying the thought of where these had just been. For some reason I decided to try them on as I had never considered doing that before. I didn't even get a chance to jerk off in that bathroom, probably due to fear of getting caught so I put the panties back on top where I found them and dug to the bottom of the hamper and found an older pair from earlier in the week. Those surely would not be missed I thought and stashed them into my dirty jeans pocket. This was the first time I had ever stolen a girls panties before and I was hooked.

All throughout high school I kept my eyes open for an opportunity to snag a new pair from whatever unexpecting girl was available to me. This included girlfriends, friend's girlfriends and sisters, and later on complete strangers at college. I was never interested in older women's panties like mothers or anything like that, they just were too boring and big looking. I never got caught, and I never took a risk unless I knew I could get away with it. I always had a plan and was very careful with my trophies once I got them home.

As I got older my collection started to grow till I had 25-30 pairs hidden away in a lockable footlocker in my college dormroom. The college laundry rooms were an excellent place to score as girls were always starting to do laundry and then get distracted, leaving their stuff sitting out for hours. I was not too keen on getting dirty panties from strangers so I did not mind at all if they were freshly washed. I just found the idea of panties mentally intoxicating and naughty. I would mostly wear them while I jacked off, sometimes I would wear them under my boxers and clothes to class, but that was not a regular thing till I got out of college.

The last week of my senior year, we had a huge party in my dorm quad. I realized this was the last time I would have an opportunity to get some new panties from the sexy lovelies at school. So, I decided it was tonight or never. We had two laundry rooms for the four dorms that made up the quad. Each room had four washers and four dryers. I was hoping that some ditzy girl had forgotten about her laundry once the party started. The first room was empty except for a lone sock on the floor; the second laundry room was a jackpot. Actually it was the jackpots of all jackpots in my perverted mind.

All four dryers were full of colorful garments. I could tell right away they belonged to a female and from the looks of things she did her laundry very rarely. It must have been four or five in the morning and not a soul was around. As I said before, I always had a plan so I returned to my room and got some laundry together to appear that I had a good reason to be in the laundry room. I returned to the room and loaded up my dirty clothes into the washer. 30 minutes and a spin cycle later, and I would have good reason to take her clothes out of the dryer and place them into her empty baskets, allowing me to dry mine. I went through all four of her loads and was thrilled to find lots and lots of cute, colorful and skimpy panties. Several dozen pairs actually. I thought about taking just a few that I liked the best, but I just couldn't leave the others behind. I took them all.

Every last one of those poor lazy girls unmentionables now belonged to me. I had never been so brazen before, never taking more than one pair at a time. This time was different. This girl had my kind of taste in panties. I just had to have them all. I had no idea who she was nor did I care. I was moving out of there in two days and this was my last chance for an easy score in the foreseeable near future. Once back at my room I was able to lay them all out on my bed to admire all the different styles and prints. There was 37 pairs in all. The styles ranged from satin and cotton thongs, boy shorts, string bikinis, lacey low rise bikinis, and even a pair of crotchless panties that laced up like a boot in the front. She really liked Victoria's Secret and Old Navy brands. I tried on every pair and most fit quite well, well if you could ignore my modest hard cock sticking out of the waistband. I was never a big guy, about 5'7' 110lbs with a 6' cock, so they actually fit pretty good, especially when softened up a bit. I must have jerked off for hours that early morning with my new finds. I was in panty heaven.

Fast forward three years. I bought a house not far from my college and eventually needed a roommate for financial reasons. I was not sure how to go about doing this as I did not want some jerk or irresponsible person living with me and most of my friends from school had moved out of state or were settling down with their partners. I had gone to a house party with some friends and ran into some old college buddies I had not seen since graduation. My friend Cliff had a very cute girlfriend named Emily who was a ballet dancer and you could tell just by looking at her. She had the tightest body and a very outgoing and sweet personality. I had not seen the two of them since that epic quad party years ago.

Emily was not in a good mood and you could tell from her red puffy eyes she had been crying. I found out from Cliff that her landlord was evicting her and selling the house she had lived in for the past two years. She was paying an extremely low price and could not find anything decent for the same price anywhere in town. I jumped at the chance to have a fox like Emily for a housemate and offered her the same deal her old landlord gave her. She was delighted and gave me a huge hug. She moved in the following week, and I helped her with unpacking boxes and moving over her furniture. One of the boxes I opened had a bunch of bras and other random undergarments in it.

As soon as I saw what was in the box I was opening, I gave it to her and said she would probably want to unpack these. What she said next made my jaw drop. She told me that a while back in college some asshole stole all of her panties from the laundry room and left her with a bunch of bras and tops that did not match anything else, she never wore these anymore and had been planning on donating them to a shelter, which was why they were in a box, and not in her bags. My mind was working overtime, I was sweating. The bra right on top had a distinct design that I immediately recognized. I couldn't have taken her stuff that night years ago, could I? She went on and on about how pissed she was when it happened and she even thought she knew who had taken them. She even told me she had to go commando for several days till her parents could send some money to buy new ones.

A few days later when she was all moved in, that box of bras was moved by the front door along with some other things around the house that was to be donated as well. I had to check that box out and see if anything else matched. Of the dozen or so bras, 12 prints/styles were a perfect match for the panties I had in my collection. There was no mistaking it. I took her panties, and now here she is, living with me and I have access to her panties just about whenever I want, in the comfort and safety of my own home and she had NO idea it was me. While I was thrilled at this idea, I was also overcome with guilt. I felt like a complete asshole for what I had done, not only to her, but to all of the girls I have ever taken a pair from. I struggled with this guilt for several weeks and decided I had to do something to even up the score.

I could not tell her what I had done, nor could I buy her new ones without looking like the pervert I am, so I decided I would give her the first month of rent free and that would buy 20 times the amount of panties that I took from her. I also decided I had to get rid the old evidence as well. The last thing I needed was her to make that horrible discovery. I washed and dried all of her stolen panties and put them in the box with the matching bras and took everything down to our local women's shelter for someone in need. Emily was happy to find out that I took care of getting all that junk to the shelter and even happier that I was giving her the first month for free.

She lived with me for almost two years and I never stole another pair of panties from her or anyone again. I may have borrowed a dirty pair for an hour or so, but I never kept them and I never cummed all over them. I just liked to smell them while fantasizing about the unobtainable Emily while I serviced my cock. I started buying my own after she moved out and now I have my own collection that I wear secretly whenever the mood strikes me.

Thanks for reading this and letting me get this off my chest. It's 100% true. Be careful what you do, as you never know when it can come back to haunt you. I was very lucky I was never caught, it would have ruined my reputation and I would have lost many a good friend over such a trivial fetish. If you're into panties, that's fine, just be responsible and don't do anything to them that you wouldn't want done to your own clothes.



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