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Panties Under Boxers

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This is fiction based closely on fact... please comment if you like this sort of thing.


One day I was home alone, feeling horny... I knew my girlfriend would be coming home soon but I wasn’t worried.

I went in the bedroom and lay back on the bed in just my boxers. I slid my hand around on my belly and gradually began getting an erection. I pulled the boxers off and reached into her panty drawer and took out a pair of silky pink briefs that I liked a lot, and wrapped then around my cock and stroked myself gently, feeling warm inside, starting to feel really good. Then I slid them on over my legs and pulled them up around my waist, and lay back down again. I loved this feeling, and loved looking at my hard cock bulging in the front of the panties. I rubbed myself gently through them.

Just then I heard her key in the door, and she entered our apartment. This made my heart pound a little bit. Quickly I grabbed my boxers and pulled them on over top of the panties.

After stopping in the kitchen and pouring herself a glass of water, she came into the bedroom and saw me lying on the bed in my boxers, with my erection quite visible.

“Ahh... what have we here? Having a little fun all by yourself, dear?”

“Oh, I was just relaxing after work and somehow got a little bit aroused, is all.”

“I see...” she said. “Well, do you mind a little company?”

“No, not at all.”

She sat on the bed next to me. She was wearing a pretty summer dress, kind of short, and just by her movements I could tell she was wearing a bra and panties under it, with no slip. She leaned over and kissed me, the reached down and rubbed my belly a little bit, then lower onto my boxers. She caressed my cock a little, then slid her hand under the boxers.

“What’s this!?” she said? She pulled the boxers down to expose her panties underneath them. “Ohh! I see what you’re up to now!”

She pulled the boxers all the way off and sat back and looked me over frankly. “This is kinda sexy, you know... “

She stood up and pulled her short dress off over her head, and looking at her in her bra and panties – every boy’s dream - sent a surge of horniness through me which she could clearly see. She stood over me and holding the dress high in the air, began slowly brushing it back and forth across my body. The light touch of the dress material felt so amazingly good across my skin!

Then she dropped the dress on top of me, right over the panties I was wearing, and stared at me for a few seconds.

“Well?!” She said, in kind of a demanding tone.

“Well what?” I said.

“Well, are you going to put it on??”

“Oh... well sure, I guess”

“Oh, I guess, is it? Hahaha! I know you want to put it on.”

She was right. I did want to put it on. So I sat up and pulled the dress on over my head, and smoothed it down across the panties (and my now VERY hard cock).

She knelt on the bed in front of me and began slowly sliding her hands across my body, beginning at my chest. She found my nipples, one with each hand, and gently caressed them through the chiffon-like material. This was driving me wild by now. Then she felt lower down, across my belly and down to my erect cock. After continuing to gently caress me through the dress and the panties, she lifted up the dress and put her hand down inside the panties and held my cock firmly, just below the head, and gently stroked up and down.

Then she took a hold of the waistband of the panties and slid them down to my knees, grasped me with both hands and stroked me a few strokes up and down firmly, saying “you sure do look sweet in those panties and that dress, my dear boy. Does this feel good to you?” Her eyes sparkled as she spoke, and I nodded at her, unable to speak.

“Oh good! Because I love seeing you like this. And what I love best is when you touch yourself too.”

So I took my my cock in my hand and began masturbating, while she continued to look me straight in the eyes, her lips slightly open in a faint smile.

She reached behind herself and unsnapped her bra, and took it off. I was getting really aroused now, not too awfully far from coming. She kept smiling at me and took over on my stroking, using both hands. Then she leaned over and, with a big smile, took me into her mouth and began sliding my cock in and out of her mouth, moaning a little as she did so. She kept this up for a minute or so, as I was writhing on the bed in powerful pleasure. As she sensed that I would come very soon, she sat back up and held my hard penis in both hands and finished me off. I came in big spurts, my hips moving up and down uncontrollably. MMMmm it lasted a good long time, and after I came she kept her hands on me until my hard-on subsided.

“That was fun!” she said. ”We’ll have to dress you up like this more often!”

And we did....



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