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Panties, the Good and the Bad

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Well I was never aware of my liking for sniffing girls panties until I was around 24 years of age and then it was circumstances at that time when I found a new outlet for my urges.


The Good....

A close family friend asked me if I had managed to find anyone to rent out my spare room. I explained I had found someone but at the last minute changed his mind and I was about to advertise it again.

He said hang on before you do anything I may have just the answer to your problem, he called his wife after a long chat with her he asked me if I would consider his daughter Elle for the room, the rent wouldn't be a problem as he was paying it, after a chat we agreed she should come over and take a look that evening, she arrived with him and after a quick look around the deal was done.

I looked at her and she was a stunning girl, 19 slender and very sexy, after a chat it turned out her mother was on her case and the atmosphere at home was not good hence her finding a room for a while, we shook on it she left and agreed to move in that weekend.

I arrived home from work one day and jumped into the bath to relax and a voice said sorry but I need a piss can't wait I don't mind if you don't, we only had the one toilet poor girl was busting to go, in she came dropped her pants and sat chatting as she pissed,

I got a glimpse of her hairless mound and it looked like her clit was erect, she finished pulled her pants up and said you want a glass of wine then returned with two glasses of wine and sat on the toilet chatting with, then said she would have a bath when I had finished, I wrapped a towel around me left the room and she stripped and jumped in, when she had finished I went back in the bathroom to shave and spotted her panties on the floor, they were very damp from her juices, I was hooked.

The sweet scent of her young sex juices was too much, I locked the door and wanked as fast as I could and what a wank that was, best ever.

I shot my spunk into the toilet and took a last long smell of her before leaving them as I had found them.

After a few months of her being a part of daily life, she had split with her boyfriend and was a bit low, we chatted and laughed but I remember it was a Saturday morning and I was woken by Elle she asked if I wanted coffee, she then returned with the coffee and sat on the bed chatting and from out of the blue she asked me, did I think she was sexy, I told her she was a very sexy girl and fun to be with, she hugged me to say thanks and then looked deep into my eyes and said I heard you wanking the other day and wondered if I had ever wanked thinking about her, I said she has been in my thoughts a lot when I wank, her eyes lit up next thing she said was could we do it together like now.

I said only if she was sure that's what she wanted she was undressed and laying next to me in seconds, we agreed no touching just watch each other, so we did it was the best mutual I can ever remember, we fell asleep cuddling up together she was so horny, after a short time I woke to the feel of her hand wrapped around my erect cock slowly wanking me, I looked at her and said no touching we agreed she said touch me please I need to cum and I want you to make me.

We continued to help each other for almost a year and she would leave me her panties to sniff each morning, what an angel she was.

The Bad.....

I continued sniffing panties for years then married around the age of 30, I still carried on my urge to sniff and my wifes pants always had me hard in seconds, but I never told her about it, my little secret.

We had been going through some bad times, work, money, the usual and our sex life was non existent, so her panties and my hand was all I had for a while, I asked her if it was me she had gone off, no she said just sex was not important to her at this time.

I thought to myself let her be for now she will come out of it and all will be well, my only outlet was her sweet juices left behind for me to sniff and wank to.

Then one day the scent of her juices changed and my nose detected the smell of spunk and not mine that was for definite.

I kept a log of it and she was getting sex with someone on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, so I confronted her with it, her response was to deny it then ask whatever gave my that idea, response was I can smell it in your pants, you sniff my pants you pervert and with that she left me for good..

So the moral is if you must sniff never use them as evidence lol



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