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Panties Rock: The Latest

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Latley, I have been back to my Freinds house. mostly to hang out but last night I went there when I knew no one but the little sister was home to see what fun I could have.
When Iknocked on the door, the sister answered in a towel. Aparently she had just taken a shower. She let me in but told me my freind wasnt there. I asked If I could stay and wait for him she said yes.
I turned on the TV and she said she had to go to the bathroom so she went. I decided to follow after a second and see what is to see.
I slid the door open a crack, and saw her taking a dump. Her sweet little face was so cute all scrunched up. But even better was she was naked. those puffy little nipples turned me on so bad. Then I slipped and the door opened up wide....I have a problem with that it seems.
She screamed and stood up. She ran naked out into the living room. I ran after telling her its ok, Ive seen you naked before.
She calmed down and then out of no where told me she was horny. She asked me to jerk off for her.
I droped my pants and began, but about a second later shemade me stop and said do what I did to her last time. She lied down and I began licking her butthole like last time but at the same time she was masterbating herself. Shed learned since before.
Her butt tasted strange because she had rushed out of the bathroom without cleaning up but oh well I found it erotic.
She then did somethig very new. She asked me to 'put it in' her butt. I hesitated, but could resist. I pushe it in between those tight little cheeks and began pumping in and out of that sweet nasty hole. She was rubbing herself all at once. I came in no time which made her scream, and she came a second later, while my penis was still in her butt, so I fellt the tightening of her butthole. when I pulled out It was a mess so she washed it off in the shower and jerked me off once more.
As I was Leaving, she handed me a smelly pair of painties. Aparently Her Older older brother's GF told her to do this for me. They were sweaty and had pussy stains, and skidmarks, whick made it even better.
I guess she enjoys anal masterbation. Are there other girls who enjoy this same thing? If so Please respond so I will know how to make her furthere enjoy it.



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