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Panties Obsession

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I am 18 and I love panties, especially ones that girls have worn. This leads me to several of my adventures in getting panties.
The first time I got some panties was when I was a freshman in high school. I was at my best friends house, and he has a sister who is two years younger than us. She is an attractive cheerleader, who I have always had a minor crush on. One night when I spent the night there, when everyone was sleeping, I snuck into her room and looked through her drawer of panties. Since she was only in seventh grade, she still had bikini style and briefs. I got one of her bikini style panties from Limited Too, and spent the next week masturbating thinking about her.
This experience got me to thinking: I could really get some more panties for my masturbating pleasure. So a week later at school, I decided to be daring and try to get into the girls swimming locker room. It was during our study hall, but I knew there was a class going on then, so I snuck into the locker room, took the first two pairs I could find, then left into the boy's locker room to masturbate because I was so horny.
A couple months later, we were at a family Christmas at my aunt and uncle's new house, when they gave us a tour of the new house. They showed us my cousin's new room, and then we went back upstairs. Later on, I was in the basement watching TV with my two cousins when they went up to eat, so I decided to take the opportunity to look into my 15-year old cousins panty drawer. To my surprise, she had all thongs. She was a small, but attractive cheerleader(again). She went to a different school, however. I took the sexiest thong I could find, and then left quickly. I masturbated to that several times that night and for the weeks to come. It was the first thong I ever got.
My junior year was the next time I got some panties, and boy, was it a good year. The first week of school, I had to go to the dentist. Well, I knew where the hottest girl in the entire school lived (not to mention she had an incredible freshman sister), and I was horny, so I thought, heck, why don't I just knock and see if anyone is home. If not, I will just see if any doors are open. Well, believe it or not, nobody was home, and the side door was open. So I went inside, went up to their rooms, and found a ton of panties. I took a pair from each of their drawers, and a pair from each of their dirty clothes piles. I masturbated with those panties at least 2 times a day for the next couple months.
Around winter break of junior year, I was at my best friends house again, and his sister had become quite attractive, as she was now a freshman. So again, I went into her room when everybody was asleep (she had gone to a friend's) and looked through her panties. This time, I found several thongs to go along with her normal panties. I grabbed a pink thong, went to the bathroom, and masturbated. I kept it in my pocket until I got home the next day, and masturbated a lot more for a couple weeks with it.
About a week after this, my girlfriend was over, and I ate her out for the first time. She gave me her panties after this, which reeked of her scent. It was great to masturbate with, and this added another thong to my collection. The last time I got a pair of panties was spring break of junior year. There was a very attractive girl who I had a huge crush on, but she was busy messing around with other guys on spring break. However, we were friends, and we still talked a lot. One night her and I, along with some other friends were in a hot tub outside the hotel. We all argued about who would go get some drinks, but I got chosen. However, I kind of hoped I would, as she gave me the room key to her room, because that's where the drinks were. When I got to her room, she had dirty clothes all over the place. I looked at lots of thongs, and picked out the hottest one. She definitely had some of the hottest thongs I had ever seen. I masturbated with that one that night, and several more nights to come. To this day, that is my favorite pair of panties.



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