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Panties Make Me Shudder

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I have learned so many ways to masturbate reading solo touch. I discovered it by chance one day and since then-wow! I find direct touching too weird so I usually do it through my clothes or panties and recently discovered a new way. When I was younger I was messing about one day with my friend and we were giving each other wedgies and each time she put her hands down the back of my jeans and tugged my panties it made me tingle when they went up me, one time I was wearing a thong and after a few wedgies it had become quite tight up me so I put my hand down the front of my jeans to tug it out of my puss and I was wet and it felt nice as my fingers poked around a bit. One day my friend gave me a jean wedgie as she called it by almost lifting me off the floor holding my jeans by the waist at the front and the back. As I was lifted up my jeans rode right up me giving me a rub and making my pussy tingle and a few times if I felt horny in my room I would tug on the front of my jeans making the thick seam between my legs ride up me and then I would feel myself through the material and how tingly I would get if I rubbed a bit. About the same time I used to go swimming with my dad on a Sunday morning and we'd have great fun messing about. This particular time I had taken my old swimming costume by mistake and it was really tight for me, every few minutes I was pulling it out of my bum and it was also quite tight over my puss, after a bit I was tired of tugging at it so I just swam about with quite a huge wedgie but it also felt quite nice when I did the frog stroke. Some time later I was in the deep end treading water with dad but kept going under so he held me up with one hand on my front and one hand on my back and then he started to duck me under and then pull me back up. As he pulled me up it made my swimsuit ride up a bit more and pull tight into my puss which was really tingling so I began to fight against him to make the tingly feeling get even nicer but then it was time to get out just as I got a feeling in my puss like I had never felt before. The following Sunday I had changed into my swimsuit and dad came to my room to say we couldn't go because he had to work so I jumped on my bed in a big sulk as I was secretly looking forward to that nice feeling again. As I lay there I was feeling all shaky and decided to try to get the nice feeling so I tugged my swimsuit up my bum and lying on my bed I put my hand on the front and slid it up and down as dad did but it wouldn't go tight enough. Being frustrated I put my hand further down on my tummy just above my puss and moved it up and down which started to tug the swimsuit and make it go tight over my puss, a few minutes later I began to get the tingle and then I grabbed a handful of swimsuit at the front and pulled it tightly making it go very tight over my pussy and suddenly a jolt hit me and I jerked with a nice feeling. I lay there for ages tugging the swimsuit tight and feeling my bulging pussy through the fabric and I began to tingle and shake. The following night I had my first orgasm as I tugged my panties against my clit, they were not as stretchy as my swimsuit and I got into a rhythm of tugging and squeezing until I felt an tightness and a surge hit me. Ever since then I masturbate riding my thongs and during school I wear really small ones that sit in my slit during the day getting very juicy, sometimes I slip my hand in the waistband of my trousers and tug them up a bit giving my puss a thrill. Does anybody else come from tugging their panties up high?



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