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Panties Left Behind

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A little light house cleaning yields a pair of very pleasant surprises.


The kids are back in college, and I was up for some much needed rest and relaxation at the beach.
I arrived to find the yard needing to be cut (nothing new) and the house neat as a pin. My youngest daughter and her friend Katie had used it a week or two ago before heading back to school. The neat as a pin was a pleasant surprise. After some of their visits the place is still a little messy. Any way after two days of sun and fun a rainy day keeps my inside, and I decide to vacuum and dust and do a load of laundry.
As I was vacuuming the guest room where Katie would have slept I saw the corner of a blanket sticking out from under the bed and did not want it to get into the vacuum. As I pulled it out a pair of thong panties came along with it. My heart raced a little at the thought. I got down on my knees and looked to see if there was anything else under there that could end up in the vac, and was surprised, pleased, excited to find another pair of panties. Now I have completely lost the enthusiasm for vacuuming.
The panties were rolled as if they had been removed down one of Katie's long tanned legs. I should mention that Katie is almost 6 feet tall. She is on a volleyball scholarship, and is very pretty. I have trouble taking my eyes off of her when she is with us at the house or on the boat. She always wears tiny bikinis, and is in amazing physical shape from near daily workouts. (back to the panties)
I was there alone, but still found myself looking around as I unrolled the first pair of white panties. I looked carefully at the area that would make contact with her young womanhood. There was a small spot about the size of nickle that was slightly crusted and a little different color. I raised them to my nose and inhaled. There was a faint but wonderful aroma here. As I inhaled and exhaled my moist warm breath reactivated the scent and it became stronger. As I inhaled Katie's aroma my temples were pounding and so was the blood filling my hardening penis.
I was already naked. I never wear clothes if I don't have to. I unrolled the second pair and these pale blue ones had a larger thicker smear in them and two short curly pubic hairs which I promptly put in my mouth hoping for a taste of her. They were short hairs and with as tiny as her bikini was and as clean as her bikini line was I knew she must be shaved to only a small strip of hair if any.
I laid down on the bed and still breathing in her scent found that I was harder and more aroused than I had been in a very long time. It is like her aromatic pheromones were driving me to an animal lust. I reached down and felt my balls and gently stroked my engorged penis, and felt as though I could come with little more than a stroke or two. I backed off and took the light blue pair and smelled them, and felt a rush go through my body as the scent of her pussy secretions mixed with a faint smell of urine was weaving a spell over me. I closed my eyes and could see her in my minds eye. She was standing there beside the bed watching me enjoy her panties. I imagined her sitting down on the side of the bed and smiling as she took me in her hand and started to stroke me slowly and gently. I put the blue panties up to my mouth and licked the spot in them that was hard and thick. The taste was tart, and tangy and quickly filled my mouth, my mind and all my senses.
Imagining it was her I took my penis and did a reverse grip stroke like it was her hand and had the most wonderful feelings start in my scrotum and spread from head to toe. It seemed like a full minute before I actually came, and when I did it was so intense and powerful I thought I would pass out. I am in my mid forties and don't have big shooting ejaculations very often but this day I sprayed sperm like mad. The first burst hit my face at the corner of my mouth and chin. The next hit my chest and then my stomach. I stuck out my tongue and tasted my come from my mouth. This only added to my state of arousal. I was still in a trance with the taste and the smell of this beautiful girl mixed with my own taste swirling around in my mind and body. I left a pair over my nose and lay there for at least an hour. I never lost my erection, another big surprise at my age. I reached three other orgasms in an hour or so and all were nearly as strong as the first. Her scent was like some kind of powerful sex drug. This could replace viagra.
Wow what an experience. I am going to hang on to these panties and use them as long as I can still smell and taste katie in them. Just writing about this has got me raging and now I must go and enjoy myself with her panties again.
Hope you enjoy the story half as much as I enjoyed Katie's panties.



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