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Panties from Strangers

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Since so many people are into the panty fetish thing, I have another TRUE STORY for eager readers here at Solo Touch.


Years ago I used to work for a hotel. At the time, my panty fetish wasn't as bad as it was when I was younger, but this experience sure helped bring it back.

So while working at the hotel, I was given key cards to rooms, to leave pillows, soap, tp etc etc. One day I noticed a mother and two daughters had rented a room for a weekend. From what I saw the daughters were nice, the oldest one was especially pretty. Brunette, slender, and was well endowed for her age. The younger one was blonde, pretty lips, nice ass. She couldn't have been too much younger than her big sis.

I didnt think much of it at the time, but I was slightly turned on by her. Employees were given beepers to call the front office when a room needed something. On this day I was beeped to give extra pillows to a room. Unaware of their room number, I got a keycard and went to deliver the pillows. As I was walking toward the room, I was shocked. It was the room with the mom and two daughters! Jackpot! I was impressed, the girls were pretty as hell, and the mom wasn't bad looking either. I watched them get in their van and leave. I walked into the room and put the pillows on the table. At that very moment, I thought to myself 'OH WOW, I SHOULD CHECK FOR DIRTY PANTIES!' I locked the door and began searching. My heart was racing, I had no idea when they would return. After checking the master bedroom, I looked toward the bathroom and saw a pile of clothes on the floor. There was a pair of pants inside out with the panties still attached. I almost had a heart attack, it was the pants I had seen the younger daughter wearing when they checked in! I quickly grabbed them and put them in my pocket. Before I walked out I took a quick whiff and almost fainted from the sweet pungent smell.

I ran straight for the mens room. I found the last stall on the end, locked the door, pulled my pants down around my ankles (to make it look like I was using the toilet) and took the panties out of my pocket. By this point, I was already hard as steel.

I began examining the panties. They were very petite to say the least. Soft Fruit of The Loom cotton bikini breifs. (my fav!) I began slowly stroking my cock trying to squeeze the shaft to keep myself from exploding.

The gusset had some wonderful stains. Very pungent smell of pussy, and very light scent of urine. The combination drove me wild. I had to taste it. I opened my mouth and placed half the gusset on my tongue. I was in heaven, and precum was oozing from my throbbing head. The salty and tangy flavor of her virgin pussy had me on another planet.

As soon as I pictured her pretty face, I erupted. I shot about three fat ropes of cum all over my legs and hands. I didn't want to get any cum on the panties, because if they noticed anything out of place,(ESPECIALLY A PAIR OF DIRTY PANTIES SOAKED WITH CUM) I'd surely be in deep shit. I was the only person who entered that room. So while cleaning myself off, I put the panties in my mouth. After I was clean, I rubbed the gusset on the backside of my cockhead. I wanted to feel the soft cotton that hugged her pussy earlier. I could've stayed for hours, but I had to hurry and put them back! I gathered myself and almost ran back to the room. I told another employee I lost my phone and had to check where I had been earlier. I made my way back anxiously. THANK HEAVENS THEY WERE STILL GONE! I returned them to the pants, but couldn't put them back EXACTLY how I found them. Instead I plopped some other clothes that were scattered about to cover them.

Later that day I saw them return. I almost got hard all over again.

Nobody had a clue of what I had done, and I was convinced that my panty fetish was back in full swing. Although smelling and masturbating to girls panties is taboo, many people enjoy it and would never admit to it. This is a great way to release stress and taste pussy without bothering anyone! I have more stories to share in the future!



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