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Pantie, Sister-in-law

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I have known her since I was sixteen. She has been in many of my fantasies. But recently I don't know what came over me!


She did not become my sister-in-law till I was in my thirties. When I first met her I was well into pleasuring myself. I guess I had at least six years of discovery and god only knows how many orgasms and fluid I had expelled. She was one of my buddies older sisters that had left home at eighteen and we did not see her and I did not know he even had an older sister. Naturally when I saw her she was beautiful, thin, blonde and very friendly. I know I was hard sitting there I wonder if back then did she see my bulge while we talked and joked around. I could not help but fantasise what she looked like with no clothes and knew I would masturbate thinking of her as soon as I was able later that night.

OK, I had in my youth at the time I discovered the 'wonderful feeling'. The thoughts of girls and there form, the differences between them and myself, I was always excited by females and did the things boys do to find out about them, this helps when you have a mother and sisters. I naturally snooped, I tried on their clothing especially hose, panties and bras, this naughty act and the feeling of the material would always get me off very quickly, I knew later this was a very normal act but at the time I did think I was abnormal.

I did not even think of finding soiled panties till a little later and sniffing them because I guess I did not think then that men liked smelling and tasting females pussies, these were my sisters and mother! There were girls not related to me at school and in the neighborhood and famous celebrities that I wished I had a soiled pair to try. I did use and like the shear material of the panties on my skin to stroke my hard cock but I never came in them, just something different from the norm.

When she became my sister-in-law I saw her in many outfits from bikini to formal. I always controlled myself but I lusted for a glimpse, anything. I have seen her hard nipples though her various tops many, many times. I think they are hard almost all the time. We have vacationed together, many times at the beach, seen her in her nightie and panties but not till recently I have sought out and been compelled to invade her space. I guess it was several years ago I deliberately went in her room when she went out and there on the bed were her dainty sexy pantie and they were to my shaking trembling fingers as I slowly unfolded to see if they were indeed soiled, yes! These are what she had on the previous day and as she slept. I could see clearly stains in them, I did not even pick them up I just let them lay as they were and bent down to them as a gesture I guess somewhat of a bow fantasizing that it was her pussy that I was going to smell up close for the very first time. It was not what I expected, there was an ass odor with the vaginal smell. I know, I know! This damaged me, just killed the moment! I lead down again and took another deep whiff a little better but I lost interest I'm not going to lie.

Now skip forward a few years same place and room. She was visiting and I caught a glimpse of her breast at a party when she bent over in front of me, she had on a loose top and no bra. She did previously show me she had a thong on one time so I still thought of her mostly just watching or catching me masturbating.I believe she is totally shaved down there, or a very small strip. She had gone out shopping and I had picked her up from the airport the previous evening and on the chair there they were, white lacy looked new boy short hanging on the back of a chair. I could not resist! Could these be the ones she had on yesterday and last night! Oh, I picked them up slowly opened them, no visible stain, no sign of any pubic hair. I thought oh no they are a clean pair but I was already hard and excited and horny, I got nude looked at my beautiful cock lubed up with vaseline brought the sexy panties to my nose and took a very deep whiff and there it was all pure sister-in-law pussy heaven! I laid them in a chair to simulate the bowing thing and drew in another whiff. On my knees stroking and moaning with my left hand and holding the panties inside out with my right hand under my nose drawing in deep whiffs, I was intoxicated. I was so turned on and lustful I lasted all but two minutes and came so hard it hurt! Oh, I did not cum in them.(I don't know how anyone could shoot cum in them and place them back in drawer). I had masturbated the night before but a lot of cum, ten spasms shot out, it was incredible shooting that much! I wish I could tell her and show her. Now I had to remember to place them back just how I had found them, I wonder if she suspects? If she knew would she be upset with me? Maybe she visits this site?




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