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Pandora's Box

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This is just one of the things that have come out of pandora's box


It wasn't until I met my boyfriend later on in life, that I discovered what my sexual appetite was actually like! I have been sexually active for more than 20 years but he gave me my first real orgasm, my first multiple orgasm, he uncovered my kinky tendencies! He was the first person to make me REALLY WET!!

This particular summer, I went away on one of our family holidays and my boyfriend couldn't take the time off work so he couldn't join us. It was acutally good because my sister had just split up from her boyfriend and we were able to spend quality time together as sisters.

We stayed up late talking, went for long walks together, watched movies together, laughed, cried, we even showered together every night. We said we were doing it to save water but I know it was because we just both wanted to be naked with each other in the shower, washing ourselves in front of each other. We've never done this before but it felt comfortable doing it.

This made me so excited and because my boyfriend and I are so close, I wanted to share this with him. We never really talked about stuff like this before but for some reason, I needed to tell him. I am not sure if it excited me more telling him, or actually having a shower with my sister. Hmmm? We'd take turns who got to stand under the shower head first and while one washed their hair, the other rinsed. While I had the conditioner in my hair, I decided to shave my legs. I lifted my leg up and propped it on the edge of the bath (which was deep) and bent over to shave my legs. As I bent my torso over to start around my ankles, I looked up. I was about eight inches from my sister's shaven pussy and watched the warm water wash over it as she rinsed the shampoo out of her hair. I wasn't sure if she had caught me staring so I quickly continued to shave. I got to my knee and noticed out of the corner of my eye that my sister was looking directly between my legs at my exposed and wide open pussy. I started to get excited as she started to soap her body down. She started at her feet and when she bent over, she was faced with the same view I was, only my legs were spread wide apart and the lips of my wet pussy were parted. She continued up her legs to her private area, then finally her breasts.

As we bonded, my sister and I, I spent the time talking to my boyfriend debriefing him on our intimate time together as sisters. I told him about our conversations we had, the showers we shared, even when we pee'd in front of each other.

About a week into my family holiday, I received a text from my boyfriend that I will never forget. It was the text that changed my life. He texted me first thing in the morning and started out With 'Good morning babe. Last night I dreamt of us swimming underwater'. Already, I melted in my bed. He just said all the right things to me and I loved him for it. But as I read on, I could feel myself getting really excited sexually. Almost like a hunger to mount him and ride him until I screamed in ecstasy. He mentioned his wet dream then elaborated on how wet it was. So wet that he woke up to find himself in a big, wet, dark patch on our sheets. 'Wow' I thought to myself. This is really turning me on, or is it?? I didn't know what to think but as I continued to slowly read each word that he typed into his phone, I got more and more excited and soon found myself subconsciously masturbating to his words.

Was it true?? Did I get horny reading that my boyfriend just wet the bed?? YES, I DID!! And I loved it!! He was so embarrassed and ashamed to tell me but it also made him horny he was masturbating in our wet sheets and his wet underwear thinking of me. I kept reading his text over and over again and each time, I got hornier and hornier, jilling off until I let out a moan and squirted cum all over my fingers!

I started to come to, and when I resumed complete consciousness, I opened my eyes and saw my sister looking right at me. I then realized that I was lying in my own wet patch in my bed.



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