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Pain And Pleasure

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Home sick with strep throat and a fever can lead to remembering some wonderful past experiences and enjoying some alone time which recuperating.


I was diagnosed yesterday with a severe case of strep throat. Because of this I was running a high fever and my throat was very painful and my body achy. I was told to take fever reducing and pain medication and given an rx for antibiotics, but it would take about 24 hours to kick in. So I was home from work, alone, with the kids in school, and I laid down on the couch to rest. Daytime tv stinks and when I attempted to watch a dvd I kept dozing off on the movie and had no clue what was going on. Out of sheer boredom I started to fondle myself, more for something to do and I guess to relieve the achiness maybe. I started off massaging my breasts which felt nice and then moved down between my legs. I felt week and very achy so I was not in the mood for anything strenuous. Normally I used my pointer finger between the lips but instead I just massaged on top of the lips with my four fingers flat over my whole area. A slow gentle massage, up and down, rolling my hand a little and some side to side motions. I created a wonderful tingly feeling between my legs and in my belly. I closed my eyes and attempting to take my mind off the aches and pains, I started thinking about past lovers and their unique techniques and the different impressions they left on me over the years. Each one had a different way of penetrating and pumping and reaching orgasm and each one's reaction at orgasm was very different. I thought about my times with them in the missionary position, man on top. Except for the one guy I was most recently with who I was with only once as my friend invited him over to play with both of us one night. We didn't do it missionary, but he had a unique method too and it was a different perspective as not only did I get to watch him with my friend first and witness it as a bystander but I got to feel it personally myself when he did me next.
One of the guys I had dated had the most memorable expression on his face while pumping. He would pump fast and deep and due to his excitement would cum rather quickly and he would continue to pump right through his orgasm and would be very silent. I got to learn when he was cumming because just a bit beforehand he'd pump faster and faster until he came, then he'd immediately go soft and slip out of me. But his face while pumping was so interesting to watch and he'd sometimes close his eyes and just have a look of sheer pleasure.
Another guy had a great method. He'd always rub his penis up and down my slit between my lips before penetrating me and I loved it. This guy had the hardest most rock solid erections I ever felt and boy did they feel good inside me. He'd go deep but there wasn't too much thrusting more of hip swiveling. He'd pump short little pumps but had a great swivel so it was almost like he was stirring me up inside. It was a rather enjoyable method and so different from one of my other lovers, who was a complete opposite. He stayed in so deep and could last longer than the first one I mentioned and he too would keep moving and swivel faster during orgasm. He also was very quiet when he would orgasm.
Then there was the guy who would enter me very slowly and continue in that fashion throughout the whole thing. He'd never increase speed he'd just maintain this very slow, sensual pump and he'd slide almost all the way out of me then back in during the whole time. Very different from the lover previous who would stay in really deep. It was like being penetrated over and over again, it was awesome. He could last this way a good half hour and watching him during this time was great too. He was a moaner and also loved to whisper things in my ear as he was going at it. When he would orgasm he'd moan load and let out a long sigh. And he'd stop pumping and just be still inside me as he was shooting. But he wouldn't go completely soft. So he'd stay inside me and just lay still on top of me for about 10 minutes and then slowly start his pumping again. And I could feel him getting harder as he was inside me which was an awesome feeling, very different than fully erect entering you. Again he'd keep the same slow pace and again he'd orgasm and still stay inside me. And every time he'd orgasm he'd stop moving, would just be still as he shot. Sometimes he'd lay there still inside me for a while until he went completely soft and I could feel as he slowly slid out of me. That felt great too.
The last guy I was dating had a rather large belly and not too big of a penis. So for him to enter me, he liked to lift my legs and hold them so I had my knees at my ears. He'd lean up on his arms and pump very fast and furious. He was loud, grunting and groaning and would orgasm with almost a cry. Then after he'd orgasm he'd give these last two hard pumps into me sort of like a - take that woman. He'd do it every time - two hard thrusts and I loved that part the best. Something about the way he did that was just awesome, felt like something to look forward to and a finishing touch so to speak.
The last man I was with was a fling I had with him and a female friend. I'd never done a 3-some before and I'd never had sex just for fun, for the hell of it, just for the sexual release and pleasure with no feelings attached. It was a unique experience and enjoyable but I wouldn't want to do it all the time. This guy could pump and he went real deep from behind me. I got the better end of the deal because he'd done my friend before me so he lasted longer the second time around with me. Although, I had already has two previous orgasms before he penetrated me so I didn't orgasm with him. My female friend attempted to help out by putting a vibe on my clit while he was doing me from behind but once he came and withdrew from me, I was ok with not having another orgasm. He was a pounder and actually left me somewhat sore after wards.
I thought about these things as I massaged my lips slowly with my hand and I had been at it about an hour by this point. I forced myself not to dip my finger between the lips but to continue as I was doing. I went about another half hour this way still thinking of all the different men and their unique talents and styles. I started to think about how they kissed, how they fingered me and many other things. One lover had huge hands and I loved it when he would stick his fingers deep inside me and massage my clit with the other hand. It was a guaranteed orgasm. The memory of him doing that and the orgasms it provided got me the most excited plus the hour and a half I'd been massaging myself sent me into a long, luxurious, deep clitoral orgasm. It amazed me how at the same time one part of my body was in so much pain and another in so much pleasure.
I have not been with a man since my last breakup and the fling with my friend's friend. All of these men in my past have left lasting, wonderful memories of our time together and also lasting memories of our activities outside the bedroom, or bathroom, or living room, or kitchen counter top, or the park, the beach, hotel rooms and many other places. Each relationship was a wonderful experience and yet each ended for various reasons none of which had anything to do with the sexual activity but more to do with lifestyles, jobs, commitments, ex-spouses, children from previous relationships and one due to the distance we lived from one another. But they will always be a part of me, even the one-night stand. I won't forget them and I will think of them from time to time.
I'm sure there will be another man and maybe one day Mr. Right will come along and it will all fall into place and we will remain together and enjoy many years of sexual bliss. Right now, I'm enjoying my time alone and catering to my every whim and enjoying wonderful times and feelings including some really terrific orgasms.
I drifted off to sleep after I had my orgasm on the couch and somehow the aches and pains felt a bit better. When I woke about an hour later I was still feeling the tingling between my legs and decided since there was really not much else to do I might as well play again. So I did, but this time, I fingered myself with a little more energy and brought on a different yet very powerful orgasm. Being home sick is not that bad when one finds ways to make themselves feel better.



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